Valorant: Night Market Returns For a Limited Time

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Valorant: Night Market Returns For a Limited Time

Look out for the cheapest skins in the Night Market!

The Night Market is now live in the Valorant game store and will be available till August 10.

The Night Market feature allows players to buy some exciting in-game items at cheap rates. The market assigns five different game items to all the players randomly. These items mainly consist of Weapon Skins and Knives. So in case you have been waiting for a long time to buy a weapon skin for your favorite weapon, now is the right time to check the store.

How to see the items in the Night Market store

You can have a look at all the items assigned to your account by following these steps:

  •  Log in to the game and open your game profile.
  • On the right corner of the screen, you can spot an icon with a card like an image.
    The Valorant login screen showing the menu that allows access to the Night Market
  • Clicking on the icon will open the night market.
  • The night market will display five mysterious cards in front of you containing the hidden items.

The Night Market menu display showing the clickable cards which will reveal the mystery items

  • Click on the cards to flip the images revealing the assigned skins as well as the discounted rates.

An example of some of the weapon skins available in the Night Market including the pink Prism Stinger and the chrome and camo Convex

Some things to note: The game items in the Night market are random and cannot be re-rolled once assigned. You will also not receive any two skins for the same game weapon i.e. two weapons for Phantom will not be displayed. Players need to complete the purchase within August 10,7PM CT.

The prices for the skins are 30-40% cheaper than the usual cost found in the store. So, hurry up and buy a suitable skin of your interest from the list.

Don't worry if you've received mediocre skins for your weapon or otherwise. The Night Markets are set up periodically and you can always buy your favorite skin the next time they show up.

Be sure to stay tuned to ESTNN for further updates on Valorant's Night Markets when they show up for the next time.

Feature Image: Riot/Valorant

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