Valorant Mouse Guide: Find The Right DPI For You

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Valorant Mouse Guide: Find The Right DPI For You

Our ultimate Valorant mouse guide will help you take your game to the next level.

Every pro will tell you the same thing: mouse sensitivity and DPI settings are vital when you play Valorant. You need to make the right modifications for you. This helps improve your aim and even overall performance.

Your mouse is the main controller used when you play Valorant, how you use the mouse impacts performance and aim. With this in mind, here is how you can set yourself up for success.

Disable Mouse Acceleration

Before we talk about DPI and sensitivity settings, we have to highlight that mouse acceleration needs to be disabled. Even if you use the best gaming mice, mouse acceleration can mess everything up.

Mouse acceleration is a problem because it will allow your system to automatically increase cursor precision as you move in the game. Basically, your mouse will move faster or slower so it would be very difficult for you to get used to shooting or using skills in Valorant.

After turning off mouse acceleration, the system does not affect how the cursor moves. The settings you choose are always active and always the same.

In order to turn off mouse acceleration, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Mouse Settings” (use the search bar to quickly access this part of the Control Panel).
  2. Click “Change Mouse Settings”.
  3. Go to “Additional Mouse Options”.
  4. Look for “Pointer Options”.
  5. Disable “Enhance Pointer Precision”.
  6. Click “Apply”. (If prompted to confirm the change, click “Okay”)

Mouse Sensitivity Settings For Valorant

The problem is the best mouse settings for you will be different than the best mouse settings for someone else. Usually, it is recommended to choose a DPI between 400 and 800. This is considered to be a low DPI.

After you are used to the lower DPI settings, it is time to slightly go higher. Keep doing this until you find the settings that you are very comfortable with.

Many aspiring gamers make the mistake of choosing a very high DPI setting right off the bat. This can easily lead to failure since you would need to use more subtle gestures and smaller wrist movements. When you use lower DPI, it is easier to get used to mouse movements to then move up.

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Finding The DPI Settings That Work For You

Valorant gameplay

If you are serious about playing Valorant at the highest level you can, it is paramount to invest in a very good gaming mouse. Preferably, buy one that is designed for FPS games.

After you buy and install your gaming mouse, it is time to tweak DPI settings. Usually, this is done with the use of a physical button located right on the computer mouse. Alternatively, there is official software you can use.

Usually, you will choose one of these two options:

Low DPI Mouse Setting – 400 to 800

When the mouse uses low DPI settings, more effort is needed when moving the cursor. Basically, you move your arm as opposed to just your wrist. Initially, the motion will feel a little strange. It can be frustrating and feel unnatural, especially when you were used with higher DPI during day-to-day computer operations.

The big advantage of using lower DPI mouse settings is that you build up strong muscle memory. As time passes, aiming becomes smoother and more efficient. However, you do lose time because you make broader arm movements.

Just as a reference point, most pro gamers stick to a DPI setting of around 800 DPI and the mouse sensitivity setting is around 0.245.

High DPI Mouse Setting – Over 1000

As soon as DPI settings go over 800, you no longer need to move your arm to aim. Smaller wrist movements are enough.

Many Valorant players prefer a higher DPI mouse setting because they can react faster. Basically, without much physical exertion, you can target your enemies and be more competitive.

The big problem with very high DPI mouse settings is that you do not have much room for mistakes. It only takes a very small wrist movement to miss your target.

Some Valorant players will be very good while using very high DPI settings. Their wrist movements are more accurate. Usually, such players have been playing FPS games for a very long time and they practically grew up with better and better computer mice.

However, for most Valorant gamers, a very high DPI setting hurts performance. Such a configuration would be much better when playing RTS games or MOBAs. In such games, map coverage is much more important than aim. With games like Valorant, aiming stands out as the most important thing.

What Is The Best Mouse DPI Setting For You?

Valorant agent

At the end of the day, it is your personal preference that will lead to the best choice. The best thing you can do is to gradually increase DPI settings. Start with 400 and slowly move up until you reach 800. Just make sure you take this slowly. Only increase mouse sensitivity after you are completely comfortable with the settings you are using.

As you play Valorant and you keep changing DPI settings, you will naturally notice that you perform better in some situations than in others. Lower or raise DPI settings until you feel completely comfortable.

After you find a setting that seems good for you, it is time to practice. You can only do this by playing Valorant games. Initially, you might miss some shots. Do not stop because of this. It is completely normal to have an adjustment period until you can be as effective as possible. Obviously, you can use the in-game practice tool for this so you do not hurt your ranking.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, finding the right DPI for you relies on experimentation. You should start with a lower DPI and then gradually move up. Eventually, you will find something that is perfect for you. It is easier to figure out when this happens because as you use higher DPI settings you cannot get the same results as with the lower sensitivity, even if you put in a lot of practice. This is when it is time to take down DPI a little and you found your sweet spot.

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