Valorant Mobile In Development As Riot Games Probes Market Feasibility

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Valorant Mobile In Development As Riot Games Probes Market Feasibility

It looks like we could see Valorant heading to mobile in the future, with Riot Games probing the market to see if it’s a viable product.

For now, at least, it looks like Riot is working out which markets the game would do well in, with IGN India being the ones who found the story it would suggest India is a prime market for the game. This would check out, given the success of PUBG mobile, which has taken on a life of its own in the region as a mobile product.

With over 15 million players playing PUBG mobile, it’s no wonder that Valorant is looking for a way into that market. This, despite the game not having an official release in the region with players having to use VPNs to access the servers.

As things stand all we have is speculation, though E3 2021 could be our first real look at the game if rumors are to be believed. Prominent leaker, PlayerIGN, released a video recently showing off a number of new leaks, where he mentions Valorant Mobile (4:23).

More shooters go mobile

It certainly isn’t the only big shooter looking to head to mobile, either. EA is looking to bring Apex Legends to mobile in the near future. EA hasn’t revealed a release date yet, however, we do know it’ll drop somewhere in 2021.

The first beta rollout will get underway soon, however, with the Philippines and India the first to get their hands on the game. As mentioned earlier, India has shown an appetite for mobile shooters, and the Philippines has also received mobile shooters well.

It’s very clear that the mobile gaming boom is here to stay. With mobile phones and tablets getting more powerful by the year and WIFI/cellular connections globally more capable than ever of playing multiplayer games, this trend is unlikely to go away anytime soon.

Valorant Mobile In Development As Riot Games Probes Market Feasibility
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