Valorant Mobile Coming Soon To Android And iOS Devices

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Valorant Mobile Coming Soon To Android And iOS Devices

After Wild Rift, Riot takes another step forward in the mobile gaming market.

Valorant has been quite popular since its initial launch last year. As such, it is becoming more and more dominant in the FPS tactical shooter game genre. June 2, 2021, marks the first anniversary of the game, and to celebrate this, Riot has announced that Valorant will be coming to mobile devices as well. So far, we know it might simply be called “Valorant Mobile”. However, apart from this, there is not much information available regarding the features of the upcoming title.

Since the game is in the developing stage, Riot hasn’t revealed any images, gameplay, or release date regarding the same. This won’t be the first game from Riot that is coming to mobile devices. They have also released Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends: Wild Rift, which are mobile adaptions of the original game on PC.

Valorant recently saw its first-ever LAN tournament in Reykjavik, Iceland, where Sentinels won the tournament without losing a map, and the final match between Sentinels and Fnatic pulled over one million viewers on Twitch. The popularity of the game is quite phenomenal, with almost 14 million active players base per month.

There aren’t any prominent FPS tactical shooter games available for mobile devices yet. But the release of Valorant Mobile can bring major changes in the mobile gaming market. As of now, the mobile gaming industry includes various prominent titles in the genre of battle royale, including PUBG Mobile, Free Fire as well as COD Mobile. These all have both multiplayer and battle royale modes. Looking at the history of Riot, their games are usually focused on esports. So we can expect the same with Valorant Mobile to take mobile esports to newer heights.

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