Valorant Meta Guide – Top 5 Solo Carry Agents to Use in Patch 7.10

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Valorant Meta Guide – Top 5 Solo Carry Agents to Use in Patch 7.10

Are you looking for a Patch 7.10 Valorant Mega Guide? Let’s learn more about some of the best hero agents you can get to dominate.

Valorant is one of the most competitive games in the world right now, so it is no surprise that millions of people are playing. There is still time until Valorant Premier 2024, but besides watching the best players in action, a lot of people also want to play. Naturally, Valorant fans want to win their games, which is why it is time for this Valorant Meta Guide, where we will reveal the 4 solo carry agents to use in patch 7.10. Make sure to read until the end to find all the names that stand out right now.

Valorant Meta Guide – Top 5 Solo Carry Agents to Use in Patch 7.10

There are several different types of agents you can focus on, and all of them are good in the current meta. Naturally, they are split into different positions, so let’s go over everything.


 Valorant Meta Guide - Top 5 Solo Carry Agents to Use in Patch 7.10


The first controller that is incredibly strong in the Patch 7.10 meta right now is Omen. To be fair, he has always been popular in the game because of his kit and the fact that he allows Valorant fans to make sick plays. Speaking of his kit, he can teleport and change his positions and use this in conjunction with the smoke. In other words, enemies who do not know how to play against him will have a hard time understanding what’s going on, which is why he is in this Valorant Meta Guide.

Omen is amazing as a solo carry agent that is definitely worth learning. The hero has tons of potential, so learning how to use it will help you succeed a lot more.


The second agent that is good in the Valorant Meta Guide in Patch 7.10 is Viper. Everyone with some Valorant experience knows that this agent is really strong in the hands of people who know how to play with her. What’s even more impressive is that she shines when you have to play alone.

Viper has the ability to carry games on her own. She has a lot of AoE damage, smoke, denies a push with her ultimate,e and more. Something that a lot of people forget is that all this utility helps them not rely on their aim as much. This is a big plus for Valorant players who are relatively new to the game and want to start winning right away.


 Valorant Meta Guide - Top 5 Solo Carry Agents to Use in Patch 7.10

Moving on from the first role in Valorant, the next name we want to talk about is from the Sentinels, and her name is Sage. Despite having a pretty respectful win rating, you will rarely find a Valorant Meta Guide for Patch 7.10 that talks about her. With that said, she can be an amazing option.

Sage has the ability to deny pushes, and her ultimate is probably one of the best in the game. Of course, you need to be careful when using it because your team could die immediately after that. In fact, her ultimate usage is one of the things that set good Sage players apart from the rest.

Generally speaking, Sentinels are a bit overlooked when it comes down to carrying potential. Nevertheless, aside from Sage, you can also focus on Cypher. He is also pretty good in the meta, albeit he shines more in the lower MMR bracket.


A lot of you who have read the Valorant Patch 7.10 changelog are probably wondering why Raze was here when she got nerfed. While it is true that she is a bit weaker than before, she remains one of the best Duelists and definitely among the best heroes when it comes down to solo carry. That is the reason why she deserves to be on this Valorant Meta Guide.

Raze is one of those Valorant agents that you can utilize in almost any situation. She deals tons of AoE damage, her mobility is second to none, and she can clear utility well.

It is also worth knowing that she can take space when she is on the site. This is really popular and is one of the reasons why she needs to be on the list.


 Valorant Meta Guide - Top 5 Solo Carry Agents to Use in Patch 7.10

Every Valorant player knows that Jett is one of the strongest agents in the game. Although the different nerfs had an effect on her playstyle and effectiveness, she continues to be among the best options. She is a Duelist, which means that Jett will always be one of the best options when you want to be a solo carry.

The important thing you should know in this Valorant Meta Guide for patch 7.10 about Jett is that she works really well in many situations. She can fit multiple lineups, do tons of damage, adapt to many situations, and more.

Most Jett players are unsure what they need to do to be effective, so they often make many mistakes. Usually, the hero’s job is to clear as much utility as possible and help her team reach the site. She is also good at dashing into it and forcing enemies to use their cooldowns.


Alongside everything mentioned in this Valorant Meta Guide, another important option you can consider is the Initiator role. You can find pretty good options here for solo carry, such as Skye. He has an amazing utility that works in all situations, and he can always help his team when needed. The only problem is that the hero needs to rely on his teammates to be more successful. Consequently, he may not be the best solo carry option if you can’t trust any of your team to enable you.

Valorant Meta Guide – Top 5 Solo Carry Agents to Use in Patch 7.10
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