Valorant Main – How To Choose It

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Valorant Main – How To Choose It

Are you wondering how to choose your main in Valorant? Let’s learn more about a few tips that can help you.

Choosing your main in Valorant is not an easy thing to do. Unlike Coutner-Strike 2, here, you can find different agents that have their specific abilities. Each one is unique and offers something to the team, but this agent also comes with a specific playstyle. So, let’s see how to choose your Valorant main and what to pay attention to.

How do you choose your Valorant Main? – Overview

There are many reasons why it is super important to have a proper Valorant main when playing. People who do not pick the right type of agent for them won’t be that successful. They will most likely die more often than needed and won’t be able to have a good impact.

In terms of the roles themselves, Valorant has a lot to offer, and we will discuss them below.


Those types of agents in Valorant are good at pretty much anything. However, they excel at certain things, such as mobility and the capability to win a 1v1 match. Moreover, Duelists have a much higher fragging potential than others. If you decide to use this role, you need to find space and try to get at least one important kill once the game starts.
There are different kinds of Duelists you can go for. Some rely more on their mobility, whereas others do more damage. It is up to you to decide which one to use.


How To Choose your main in Valorant
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When talking about how to choose a Valorant main, the second important role we need to include here is Controllers. This is probably one of the least popular roles due to its play style. Nevertheless, people who know how to play with them can easily rip through their enemies.

When you are on the defense, Controllers have the goal to stop the enemies from pushing. This is achieved by having a lot of utility, such as vision blocking, molies, and so on.

When you are on the attack, Controllers have the job of allowing their team to reach a given site. This role focuses a lot more on the team rather than making solo plays. Each controller has amazing abilities and utilities, so you must decide which one to pick.

Viper is a pretty popular option in solo games because the hero is self-sufficient and can secure kills. Omen is also a popular option because he can take easy fights, reposition, use smokes, and more.


How to choose your Valorant main
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If being a controller does not sound that interesting, the next thing we need to include here is the Initiators. When it comes down to how to choose your Valorant main, Initiators are among the most fun agents you can play with because of what they offer. This class can be divided into three types:

  • Those who rely on flash
  • Those who are good at providing information
  • Hybrid

All initiators are incredibly important because they enable the team. Depending on the situation, you may want to focus on an agent with flash, but there are certain maps where informational initiators can make a real difference.

Keep in mind that a lot of teams rely on these agents’ utility and the mobility provided by Duelists to win their games. When used right, these two things can make a huge difference.

When you are on the defence, Initiators have to gather information and also assist their team when needed. This is achieved by using their utility, which, as mentioned, it is one of the best in the game. 


Albeit not the most popular Valorant mains, Sentinels can be an excellent option for people who know how to play with them. So, if you want to know how to choose a Valorant main, definitely consider this type of class.

Sentinels can be divided into agents that provide more information and those that focus more on doing damage. They have a lot of utility that can make a huge difference in fights.

As you can imagine, Sentinels works great against enemies that push because of their utility kit. Sentinels are also solid options when it comes down to attacking and lurking.


How to choose your main in Valorant

Some agents are a bit different than the rest, which is why people often say they are “Hybrids”. Chamber is probably the best example in Valorant because he also has a lot of characteristics of a Duelist. In other words, he can adapt really well, so use this to your advantage when you start playing. 

Omen can also be considered a Hybrid because he has a lot of mobility. Phoenix is also in a similar position. 

So, what to choose?

Every role in Valorant is important and has its pros and cons. With that said, the easiest way of choosing a specific agent is by analyzing your gameplay and picking something that fits your playstyle. Are you interested in attacking your opponents, or do you prefer to stay back and prevent others from pushing? Each playstyle has its pros and cons, but you need to figure out what works best for you and pick something that will suit you. 

If you are unsure how to choose your Valorant main, we suggest experimenting with every position until you find something you feel comfortable with. This may take some time, but it will be worth it because you will eventually find something that is fun and you will be effective.

Keep in mind that knowing how to play each role will definitely make you a better Valorant player. A lot of people only focus on a specific role and try to use it as much as possible. This could work in some instances, but it is better to have a general understand of every role in Valorant because this will let you pick the best main.

Valorant Main – How To Choose It
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