Valorant Kuronami Bundle Overview – Kuronami Valorant Price, Skins & More

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Valorant Kuronami Bundle Overview – Kuronami Valorant Price, Skins & More

Are you interested in the Valorant Kuronami Bundle and its price? This article will cover everything you need to know.

The Valorant Kuronami Bundle is something that a lot of people will be interested in and for a good reason. This thing includes skins for many weapons, as well as a lot of other things. After we’ve revealed all of the Valorant map changes that Riot Games will give us access to, it is time to take a look at the Kuronami Valorant Price and see what else we will find in this amazing Bundle. 

Valorant Kuronami Bundle – General Overview

According to the news, the Valorant Kuronami Bundle is about to drop in Episode 8. In other words, we will have access to it really soon, and if the predictions are correct, we will see a lot of interesting things. Speaking of the devil, let’s learn more info about what we can expect to see.

Valorant Kuronami Skins

While it is true that the bundle is not out yet, we have a strong feeling it will give us access to a lot of interesting skins. In fact, there have been leaks regarding the fact that there will be several Valorant Kuronami skins, as well as different accessories. Unfortunately, we do not have any details about the accessories yet, but we do know a lot of details about the skins. Here are the weapons that will get something new:

  • Marshal
  • Sheriff
  • Spectre
  • Vandal
  • Melee

As mentioned, the leaks only reveal the things that we will have skins for, but we do not have any details about the items themselves, apart from a few pictures. Courtesy of ValorLeaks, we can see that there are four colors, and each one has a different finisher. In other words, these skins will have upgradable effects, making the Kuronami Valorant Bundle even more interesting. 

Kuronami Valorant Price

As much as we want to reveal the Valorant Kuronami Bundle price, we do not know anything about it until it becomes available. However, using our experience in this game and similar bundles, we assume this bundle will fall into the Ultra category. In other words, you should be ready to spend around 10K Valorant points to get it.

As mentioned, these prices are just speculation and can be way off. Make sure you follow us for more information because we will update you with accurate data once Riot releases more information about the Valorant Kuronami bundle price.

Valorant Kuronami Bundle Release Date

Besides not having accurate information about the Valorant new bundle price, we are also not 100% sure when it will be available. With that said, all rumors point out that we should see the new bundle in Episode 8. Needless to say, this is also when the map changes will take place, so we expect it to be a huge success.

Analyzing the previous updates from Riot Games, we can see that the company usually updates Valorant on Tuesday. Therefore, we might see the Valorant Kuronami Bundle on January 9, which is just a couple of days from now. Make sure you follow us for more information. 

Valorant Kuronami Bundle Overview – Kuronami Valorant Price, Skins & More
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