Valorant Duos Day Collection Overview

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Valorant Duos Day Collection Overview

Love is in the air, and the Valorant Valentines Bundle 2024 is here. Here’s what you can get.

Similar to last year, Valorant decided to surprise its fans by releasing a Duo’s Day collection. The latter is a collection of different cosmetic items whose goal is to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2024. As expected, the rewards are available for a limited time, so let’s learn more about everything.

Valorant Duo’s Day Collection Overview

If you decide to try out the Valorant duo day reward, you have to know a couple of things. First, the items that come in this set can’t be bought separately. In other words, you have to get the complete bundle if you want to unlock what it offers. On top of that, the items won’t appear in the daily offers tab in the Featured Store.

The Items

When it comes down to the items you will get from the Duos Day Valorant offer, it depends on a couple of things. 

Duo’s Day Buddy

Starting with the Duo’s Day Buddy, you can get the Duo’s Day: Left or Right model. If you get the left variation from the Valorant Duo’s Day collection, it will be orange in color, but once you start shooting, it will glow and look “angry”. 

On the other hand, people who get the Duo’s Day: Right variation will have their buddy in pink. Once you start shooting, it will glow and become even more red, and you will see harts floating off it. 

Player Cards

The second thing that you can get from the Valorant Duo’s Day collection is different player cards. This includes:

  • Duo’s Day: Game Night Card
  • Duo’s Day: Left Card
  • Duo’s Day: Right Card

Player Titles

In addition to everything mentioned so far, the Valorant Valentines Bundle 2024 also offers the following titles:

  • </3 Title
  • <3 Title
  • Duo Title


If you get the Valorant Duo’s Day collection, you can also get one of the two sprays:

  • Duo’s Day: Left Spray
  • Duo’s Day: Right Spray

Valorant Duos Day Collection – Availability & Cost

If you decide to get the Duo’s Day Capsule in Valorant, you can purchase it between February 13 and 28. Those who want to get their hands on it will have to pay 1650 Valorantg Points, which is a fair price, especially if you compare it to some of the skins.

Valorant Duos Day Collection Overview
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