Valorant: Doma will Leave Fnatic

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Valorant: Doma will Leave Fnatic

After the conclusion of Valorant Champions, Fnatic is among the first to start rebuilding for 2022.

Valorant Champions 2021 ended on December 12 — with EMEA squad Acend rising above every other team; becoming the first Valorant World Champions. With their triumph starts the offseason in competitive Valorant. Meaning teams are now getting ready for roster changes to start 2022 the best they can be.

Fnatic was one of the first teams to announce one of their players; Domagoj “Doma” Francev, has been moved to the inactive roster. While Fnatic had a fairly good season, they didn’t manage to win any titles. Coming in second at Masters Reykjavík and failing to qualify for Masters Berlin. They got first place in Group A at Champions; only to get knocked out by LATAM team KRÜ in the first match of their playoffs.

They want to take everything to the next level in the coming season. Which means they want to rebuild the team a bit. In the announcement on Fnatic’s website, they said that while Doma is one of the best players in Valorant in terms of mechanics, but he doesn’t fit into the vision of 2022 Fnatic. The black and orange org will allow Doma to play with other teams, and the Croatian will undoubtedly find a team in a short time.

Doma started his esports career as a Fortnite Player, transitioning into Valorant in 2020. He was on SUMN FC, the organization-less team which got signed by Fnatic in the beginning of 2021. He was one of the most charismatic player in a team of great characters, and it’s realistic to think that there will be a number of teams interested in him.

Valorant: Doma will Leave Fnatic
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