VALORANT Game Designer Answers Essential Deadlock Questions

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VALORANT Game Designer Answers Essential Deadlock Questions

VALORANT game designer Alexander Mistakidis shared deeper insights into the Agent 

Deadlock is VALORANT’s newest addition to its pool of Agents, and she is arriving as the fifth Sentinel to the game with a set of unique powers. Game designer Alexander Mistakidis worked on the Agent’s abilities and answered some of the burning questions at Masters Tokyo on content creator Tarik “tarik” Celik’s stream inside the venue. We have compiled the essential inquiries from tarik and his chat, and here they are –

Deadlock – Annihilation (X)

The Agent’s ultimate ability shoots a path made of nanowires in front and can bounce through walls. It catches the first enemy in its way and captures them in a cocoon, taking them through the nanowire paths. Unless the enemy’s teammates save them by breaking the cocoon, the captured Agent will die after reaching the end of the trail. 

Deadlock Abilities – Annihilation (X)

Credit: Riot Games

  • How many ultimate points does it take for Annihilation?

Players will need seven ultimate points from kills, deaths, or ultimate orbs to use Annihilation.

  • How many times can Annihilation bounce off walls?

Annihilation can only bounce off a wall/floor once.

  • Can you directly fire the Ultimate, or does it have to bounce off a wall?

You can directly fire the Ultimate in a straight path instead of bouncing it off a wall.

  • Can Sage’s wall (Barrier Orb) stop the cocoon?

Sage’s barriers won’t completely stop the cocoon from taking a player, but it will slow it down, similar to Skye’s ultimate Seekers that slowly break walls.

  • Can players caught inside the Annihilation cocoon use abilities?

No. Players are detained inside the cocoon and won’t be able to use their abilities. 

  • Can Phoenix’s Run It Back (X) escape Annihilation?

The Annihilation cocoon can capture Phoenix’s ult. If the Run It Back timer ends, Phoenix will return to his position where he ult-ed from. If the ult dies inside the cocoon, Phoenix will, again, return to his position. 

  • What happens in a 1v1 if you get caught by Deadlock’s ultimate?

If you get caught by Deadlock’s ultimate ability in a 1v1 situation, there is nothing you can do but wait for the inevitable death by reaching the end of the nanowires. However, you can be safe if you are out of the capture area. 

  • Does Annihilation grab Yoru’s clone (Fakeout)?

Yes, it can grab Yoru’s Fakeout, making the Duelist a great pick during a 1v1 against Deadlock, where she has her ultimate ability. 

  • Can Annihilation grab multiple players?

No, it can only cocoon one player after being used. 

  • How many bullets does it take to break the cocoon?

The Annihilation’s cocoon has about 600 HP – so you will need around 15 Vandal bullets to break it and save your teammate.

  • Can players hear any noise while being stuck in the cocoon?

You can mostly hear the noises around you, but you will be unable to see anything. 

  • How long does it take to reach the cocoon’s end?

It will take exactly 7 seconds, no matter the distance of the nanowire’s end.

Deadlock – GravNet Grenade (C)

Deadlock’s C ability is her GravNet Grenade. When deployed, it will slow the enemies caught in its radius, forcing them to crouch-walk. Enemies can remove the net by pressing F, the same as removing a Cypher’s Spycam dart. 

Deadlock Abilities – GravNet Grenade (C)

Credit: Riot Games

  • Does GravNet give a sound cue after catching people?

No. Even when GravNet catches people, it won’t give any specific sound cue that may reveal player locations. Therefore, you have to go and check yourself to see if the ability has caught anyone.

  • Does taking off GravNet make noise?

Yes. Enemies stuck in GravNet can make noise when they try to take it off. 

  • Can players stuck in GravNet leave its circle?

GravNet has a radius, and once caught in that area, players won’t be able to leave until the ability expires or they take off the GravNet, similar to Spycam Dart.

  • Can Jett Updraft or Dash away from GravNet?

Yes. Agents can use movement abilities to leave the net. 

Deadlock – Sonic Sensor (Q)

The Sentinel’s Q ability, Sonic Sensor, can be fired at a wall as a trap. It can be triggered by the sound made by enemies, which will prompt the sensor to detonate, concussing everything in the radius, most likely both enemies and teammates. This utility is hidden until detonated, and we are unsure whether enemies can break it or not.

Deadlock Abilities – Sonic Sensor (Q)

Credit: Riot Games

  • Can you break Sonic Sensor?

After the sensor is activated by significant noise, you have a small amount of time to break it before it goes off and slows you. 

  • Does Sonic Sensor have distance deactivation?

You do not have to be at a certain distance for Sonic Sensor to be active.

  • Is Sonic Sensor visible when deployed on a wall?

Sonic Sensor will be visible briefly after being deployed on a wall. Similar to Killjoy’s Alarmbot. However, once invisible, it can’t be seen until triggered.

  • Can players hear Sonic Sensor?

Like Cypher’s Trapwire and other similar utilities from Agents, you can hear Sonic Sensor if you are close to it, allowing you to destroy it.

  • Can Skye’s dog (Trailblazer) activate the sensor?

No, the sensor gets triggered by significant noise made by players. 

  • Does the Yoru clone (Fakeout) trigger the sensor?

Yes, Yoru’s Fakeout is one of the only abilities in the game that can trigger Sonic Sensor, as the Deadlock’s Q ability detects the clone as a player.

  • Does defusing the Spike set off the sensor?

Yes, it does. This can open up new post-plant scenarios where Deadlock players will use their Q near the Spike and take a fight whenever it gets triggered by the defusing sound, as it will stun the enemies in its path. 

  • Does Wingman trigger the sensor?

Wingman’s walking sound won’t trigger Sonic Sensor. However, its Planting and Defusing sounds can set the sensor off.

Deadlock – Barrier Mesh (E)

Deadlock Abilities – Barrier Mesh (E)

Credit: Riot Games

Deadlock's primary ability (E) is called Barrier Mesh, and it creates an X-shaped barrier that blocks Agents’ movement through the barrier, creating a see-through wall that cannot be passed. However, abilities can still go through. It is breakable if the enemies shoot it in the middle. 

  • Can you place Barrier Mesh in advance?

Unlike abilities like Cypher’s Spycam, you cannot place Barrier Mesh in advance and activate it. The mesh is activated right after being deployed. 

  • Can you destroy the ability?

Enemies can destroy Barrier Mesh by shooting it in the corners where the small circles appear, taking down one of the four see-through walls. Shooting it in the middle will take down the entire ability. 

Deadlock will release on June 27, with the new episode and Act.

VALORANT Game Designer Answers Essential Deadlock Questions
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