Valorant Crypto-Throwing Server Exposed by tdawgg Was Apparently Fake

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Valorant Crypto-Throwing Server Exposed by tdawgg Was Apparently Fake

YouTuber named Chig Bepis published a video explaining how he created the fake Crypto-throwing screenshots that “fooled the entire Valorant community”

A screenshot of bounties recently made rounds on Twitter and received the attention of some of the top Valorant streamers, including Kyedae, PROD, ShahZam, and more.

The screenshot showed a Discord server message of Crypto bounties on popular streamers, and to win them, players had to either perform poorly on the streamer’s team, also known as ‘Crypto throwing,’ or stream snipe them on the enemy team.

This bounty server was exposed by streamer and assistant coach for Shopify Rebellion Travis “tdawgg” Regan in his recently deleted YouTube video. 

A YouTuber named Chig Bepis has now published a video explaining how the exposed bounty server did not exist in the first place, and he was the one creating it by using Google Chrome’s DevTools, which allowed him to edit his own public server to appear as the server shown in the leaked screenshot. Then he claimed to message tdawgg on Discord from an alt account to supply these screenshots.

Valorant agent KAY/O holds a rifle at its hip with the Valorant logo in red on a dark background.

Credit: Riot Games

“Hopefully, this serves as a lesson for everyone, especially people like tdawgg and Jake Lucky (eSports Journalist who talked about this matter), who try to act as online journalists, to care more about proof.” – this was the message of the video by Chig Bepis before it concluded.