Valorant Console Release is Happening?

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Valorant Console Release is Happening?

Valorant could finally also land on consoles, at least this is what has emerged from some job advertisements recently published by Riot Games itself. In these announcements, platforms that are not PC are mentioned, so everything seems to point in this direction, even if nothing is official yet.

Valorant is coming to consoles?

The job announcement that sparked the web is the following: Associate Console Playtest – Valorant. The title of the job is already very explicit in itself, it seems that Riot Games is looking for a figure who is responsible for testing an alleged console version of Valorant, which seems to be at least taken into consideration by the development team itself.

As the job offer itself states, the person chosen for this position would have the task of “playing, planning and evaluating console playtests for Valorant”, without taking into consideration the fact that he will obviously have to give feedback on these versions. The fact that there is already talk of playtesting means that the project has already been in development for some time, even if it has not yet been announced (in case there is an announcement to be made).

But the news doesn't end there. A data miner would seem to have discovered that a console playtest is coming very soon on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S. The data miner did not provide any other information about it in their tweet, but it is very likely that it is based on the job announcement published by the game's software house itself.

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In conclusion, all these clues seem to lead to the actual existence of a console version for Valorant, leveraging on the fact that there are already similar products on the console market that have managed to establish themselves and create a large community. We just have to wait for any official confirmation from the development team.

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Valorant Console Release is Happening?
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