Riot Games Distributes Valorant Champions 2023 Slots – China Gets Three Spots

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Riot Games Distributes Valorant Champions 2023 Slots – China Gets Three Spots

Top teams from VCT Leagues will confirm their spots in both Masters and Champions this year

Riot Games has announced the allocation of slots for the upcoming Champions event. A total of 16 teams will fly to Los Angeles for the biggest Valorant tournament of 2023 on August 6.

The top three teams from VCT Americas and Pacific will get slots in both Masters and Champions. EMEA has already received four spots in Masters due to FNATIC’s win at LOCK//IN. Therefore, the top three EMEA teams from Masters will make it to the Champions. The fourth EMEA squad will still have another opportunity to make it to the event as they will be placed in VCT EMEA LCQ.

Three Chinese teams will get their first-ever spots at the Champions this year, and the squads will be selected from the CN Qualifier, where 12 teams will be fighting in potentially the first-ever LAN in the country. 

Each LCQ winner will also meet the rest of the 12 teams at the Champions. Lastly, the champion region of the Masters will allow a second team to qualify for the Los Angeles event from their LCQ.

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Valorant Champions 2023 Spots

Valorant Champions Slots

Credit: Riot Games

Here is how 16 slots of the event are distributed between teams:

  • VCT Americas – 3 teams
  • VCT Americas LCQ – 1 team
  • VCT EMEA – 3 teams
  • VCT EMEA LCQ – 1 team
  • VCT Pacific – 3 teams
  • VCT Pacific LCQ – 1 team
  • CN Qualifiers – 3 teams
  • Winning Region of Masters Tokyo – 1 team

The VCT international leagues are going on right now, and the Playoffs will begin on May 19. Masters Tokyo is set to start on June 11, and lastly, Champions 2023 will take place on August 6.