Valorant Announces Community Challenges

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Valorant Announces Community Challenges

Here is how you can earn exclusive rewards by joining Valorant’s latest Community Challenges

Community Challenges are being added to Valorant, which will be taking place for the next three weeks. As the name implies, the set of challenges will have to be completed together by joining. After completion, you will be able to get rewards as a badge for your participation. 

In this guide, we will mention every objective available during Community Challenges, their time-frame and rewards. The goals span from playing Valorant’s Team Deathmatch mode to getting kills and assists. All of the prizes are exclusive to members joining the challenges.

Valorant Community Challenges 2023

Here are all the available community challenges in Valorant from November 27 to December 15 –

Playing Team Deathmatch 

Valorant Announces Community Challenges
Credit: Riot Games

The first challenge is playing at least 555,555 matches of Team Deathmatch as a community. You can get approved to join this challenge from November 27, 10:00 AM Pacific, to December 4, 9:59 Pacific. Successfully completing this challenge will reward you with the Seal of Approval Gun Buddy shown above.

Getting Kills

Valorant Announces Community Challenges
Credit: Riot Games

The next challenge is getting kills with either a Phantom or Vandal during your games. You can do this by playing any game mode, and the objective is to get at least 500,300,100 kills as a community. The time frame for joining this challenge is between December 4, 10 AM Pacific, and December 11, 9:59 AM Pacific. 

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Upon the completion of the challenge, players will be rewarded with the Not a Peep and VERSUS // Deadlock + Gekko cards shown above. 

Getting Assists

Valorant Announces Community Challenges
Credit: Riot Games

The last challenge is available for enrollment from December 11, 10 AM Pacific, to December 15, 9:59 AM Pacific. Players joining the challenge will have to get assists in kills in any game mode and will have to reach 300,000,000 assists as a community. Completing this objective will allow them to get the Wingman Spray shown above, where Gekko’s trusted buddy is holding up a Classic.

How to Participate and Get Rewards from Community Challenges

You will be able to participate from Valorant’s home screen by logging into the game. There is a time limit for participation, as mentioned above. After successfully completing the challenges, you can redeem your reward codes at

This will be the first-ever set of community challenges offered by Valorant as 2023 reaches its conclusion. 

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