Valorant Agents that are Easy to Pick Up by Counter-Strike Players in 2024

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Valorant Agents that are Easy to Pick Up by Counter-Strike Players in 2024

These Valorant agents should be the go-to default pick for hardcore Counter-Strike players

Despite Valorant and Counter Strike’s fundamental similarities, both are vastly differing in terms of, basically, everything that is not concerned with the term “Tac-shooter”. One standout feature of Valorant that draws in a huge number of audience is the roster of Agents that this game offers. With abilities that are a blast to play with and voice lines that elevate the gaming session to a different dimension, Valorant has it all when it comes to captivating the player.

However, Counter-Strike's more simplistic approach to their live service model is a comfort consumption for many, and when those players try out Valorant they may start biting their nails being overwhelmed. This guide is a perfect starting point if you are one of those players and trying to figure out whether to main Jett or some other agent would be more in alignment with your acquired skillset from hours of grinding Counter-Strike.

Top Accessible Valorant Agents for Counter-Strike Players


Brimstone is a highly coveted controller agent in the Valorant player base who is super easy to get used to, yet highly efficient. His kit has the potential to technically dictate the progression and the outcome of a round. If you are a Brimstone player you’ll mainly be responsible for blocking line of sight, allowing for effective site execution, and stalling or delaying enemies.

It’s not a far-fetched statement that Brimstone is rather beginner-friendly and a ton of fun. Unlike in Counter-Strike, one doesn’t need to know smoke lineups to bring value out of this smoker. The best part is you can tap on a specific part of the map to deploy smoke with him. His feared Incendiary is rather straightforward with tap-and-use functionality. Lastly, his steam beacon is a blast to use and is also another simple deploy anywhere type of ability.


KAY/O in the right hands can wreak absolute havoc. But KAY/O can also be a great choice when one is developing the right hand. You guessed it right, if you are a CS player trying to get a grasp of the game, KAY/O can be of great benefit for reasons that should be discussed shortly. His kit consists of a Knife that can be thrown to Nullify enemies’ abilities in a specific radius, a Molotov-like weapon, a flashbang, and an ultimate that turns him into a monster and enemies in range into helpless bystanders.

Rejoice, Steam dwellers, because KAY/O’s inventory will make you feel right at home while playing Valorant. If the knife is used correctly, not only the whereabouts of your foes will be disclosed, but it will also take away their option to use any abilities for a brief period. Lastly, consider his ultimate, which borrows the same principle and applies steroids. Not only does he gain the option to be revived, but he also disables any usable abilities of the enemies for a significant period. He makes the game only about aim and gun control, sounds familiar?


Reyna is among the earliest members of the Valorant roster. She is as devastating as she is scary. Her kit not only allows for the absolute chaotic elimination of the enemies but also for fearless aggression. Some would argue that her kit almost screams aggression, violence, chaos, and most importantly, domination. If you are from Counter-Strike, have put hundreds of hours in aim_botz, and are a firm believer of aim supremacy, then Reyna should not be in your consideration, you should be hers.

Among all the other duelists Reyna takes the crown when it comes to simplistic gameplay. If you are an “I see head, I click” kind of a gamer, then Reyna and you are a match made in Heaven. Experience utter domination and unleash maximum terror with this queen of an agent and email Riot to allow you to take her to Counter-Strike with you. They may even listen if you ask them nicely enough.


We choose Phoenix to be on this list not because he sets the floor on fire (literally) but because the fire can recover his HP. This feature is not exclusive to him in this game but it sure is a rarity. Newly arriving Counter-Strike veterans can benefit from having a healing ability while they’re figuring the game out. Don’t worry about being too passive by the way, Phoenix is extremely capable of causing chaos with his Duelist attributes. His flash is extremely difficult to ignore and his flame wall is a great support for him to take entry.

Phoenix is a great agent not only for players experienced in Counter-Strike but also for new players in general. His kit is rather easy to use with no complex visionary planning and strategisation required. If you can have some confidence and shoot in the head, you will pop off with him. Just be aware of not making your teammates get an appointment with the doctor because you flashed them with the curveball for the 99th time in a single match.


Deadlock is the 22nd addition to the Valorant family and has swiftly made a mark due to her versatile playstyle despite being a Sentinel. With her, you can enjoy the freedom of playing with aggression more than her peers of the same category while also effectively anchoring a site.

While her role has been put into question for not being the most effective sentinel, nobody can deny that she has an extremely straightforward and accessible kit. The GravNet feels like a Grenade to use and upon successful application it makes the enemy go crouch. The Barrier Mesh, while sounds fancy is simply a see-through wall.

Arguably her ultimate is the only one that requires some honing since it needs to be precisely aimed at the enemy. On top of that it can also be ricocheted from the wall opening the doors for some clever deployment. All things considered, Counter-Strike nerds are sure to have fun with Ms. 22.

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Valorant Agents that are Easy to Pick Up by Counter-Strike Players in 2024
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