Valorant 7.03 Patch Notes: Riot Takes Major Leap Towards Reducing Toxicity

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Valorant 7.03 Patch Notes: Riot Takes Major Leap Towards Reducing Toxicity

Valorant 7.03 patch notes are here with exciting new changes and store updates

The latest 7.03 patch notes have been released and will improve your gameplay experience. While there are some minor tweaks to the in-game store, the central focus of this update is on the back-end disciplinary systems. And the best part? You can now mute those toxic players in even more ways! Protect yourself from negativity and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Valorant 7.03 Patch Notes: Riot Takes Major Leap Towards Reducing Toxicity

The Toxicity Mitigation Process Continues and More

Have you noticed Riot's recent efforts to discourage toxic behavior? In their recent patch, they've made fantastic updates to the mute system, like muting party messages if someone on your team has already received a text mute. Moreover, you know, that one friend who's always complaining and not contributing anything? Now you can mute them too and enjoy a peaceful game.

Furthermore, you can now favorite your new battle pass gun buddy or skin bundle from the confirmation screen. No more switching back and forth, wasting time. And if you're into sprays, you'll love the new feature that takes you straight to the collections tab providing ample ease in equipping your desired item.

On top of that, the pesky bug that was causing Esports Hub to display incorrect times has finally been resolved. However, you might be disappointed if you were hoping for a new skin line to be added to the game with the upcoming Valorant patch 7.03. The Champions 2023 Bundle is still around for a few more weeks, so that no new skin line will be added.

Valorant 7.03 Patch Notes

Time to explore everything new in the latest 7.03 patch of Valorant.

7.03 Patch Notes

Credit: Riot Games

General Updates

  • The game’s rendering system has undergone a restructuring to enhance the longevity and stability of the system. This overhaul aims to establish a more sustainable framework that can be easily maintained.

Play Behavior Updates

  • To improve the team communication experience, party text mutes have been introduced for individuals subject to team text mutes. This feature will allow for more freedom regarding communication management within the team, ensuring a fair and safe environment for all members.
  • Updates to the behavioral warning messaging system have been implemented to enhance visibility and readability. These changes involve formatting the messages to provide a more distinct and user-friendly display. Users can now more easily identify and comprehend the warning messages, allowing for more effective communication of behavioral guidelines.

Store Updates

  • When you have purchased or unlocked an item from the Battle pass, you can now designate your newly acquired weapon or accessory item (excluding titles) as a Favorite on the confirmation screen. This means that you can quickly and easily access your favorite items for future use without searching your entire inventory.
  • Upon successfully acquiring a Battlepass Spray, you can now conveniently access it by directly navigating to the Collections tab from the confirmation screen. This new feature streamlines the process and makes managing your newly obtained Sprays easier.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue that caused a white line to appear on the portraits of players whenever they used their Ultimate ability has been successfully resolved. Through Riot’s diligent efforts, this bug has been eradicated, and players can now enjoy their game without any visual disturbances.
  • An issue has been resolved wherein the number value of a shield would turn red when damaged while repurchasing it from the shop.
  • An issue with the font has been resolved, specifically with the rendering of Greek Tonos for Account Names. 
  • The issue has been resolved with the VOIP Ducks Flavor VO feature, designed to lower the volume of in-game sounds to prioritize communication within parties or teams. The feature is now functioning correctly and should enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • A bug in the Esports Hub causing discrepancies in the Schedule section has been fixed. The issue was related to the conversion of UTC, which resulted in an incorrect display of Times/Days. Rest assured, the problem has been fixed, and the Schedule now accurately reflects the Esports events.

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Valorant 7.03 Patch Notes: Riot Takes Major Leap Towards Reducing Toxicity
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