Is VAC Live CS2 Here? People Have Their Matches Cancelled

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Is VAC Live CS2 Here? People Have Their Matches Cancelled

The most recent CS2 update did not include that many changes, but the Vac Live CS2 seems to be working. Here is what you need to know about the game.

Valve has been improving CS2 since it became available by releasing small updates. The most recent one is from April 16, and it included a couple of changes. For example, the big ones where the bomb can disappear from the radar are no longer available. Also, the workshop tools that were available when compiling maps that contain instances will no longer crash.

Besides the changes listed in the changelog, it seems there was another new thing – VAC Live CS2 tool. This is one of the tools that a lot of people have been waiting for, and judging by the most recent reports, it is here.

VAC Live CS2

The Vac Live CS2 seems to be a more advanced version of the standard VAC that Valve is known for. Our team found out that a lot of players are complaining about the fact that their match gets canceled as soon as they start playing because the Vac Live CS2 detects someone is cheating.

The process is as follows:

  • You queue for a game.
  • The game pops up, and you and all other players accept it.
  • You join the server.
  • A couple of seconds later, you see the following message – “MATCH CHANCELLED. VAC Live has detected a cheater and ended the match. This match will not affect your Skill Rating.”

Once that happens, you will go back to the home screen and can queue for another game. We have seen this report over and over again, so it seems like Valve finally decided to take action.

What can the VAC Live CS2 lead to?

If the system works properly, we will see a huge CS2 ban wave that will remove a lot of cheaters from the game. Keep in mind that Valve has not confirmed that a new anti-cheat update took place. All of the information here regarding the VAC Live CS2 is based on our experience and other users’ feedback.

If this tool is here, however, it should improve the playing environment. No one likes playing against cheaters, but the bad news is that they are everywhere. We really hope that the anti-cheat will work properly and will result in many CS2 bans because the game has had tons of cheaters recently, and they are becoming more innovative.

Is VAC Live CS2 Here? People Have Their Matches Cancelled
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