Useful Palworld Admin Commands – How to Use Them

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Useful Palworld Admin Commands – How to Use Them

Palworld allows players to host and control their games. So, here are some of the most useful Palworld admin commands you should know about

Since its release on January 19, 2024, Palworld has taken the world by storm! It has cemented itself as one of the most-played games on all of Steam, even heralding the first-place position for a few weeks. Yes, Palworld even dethroned Counter-Strike 2, a feat that seemed impossible to imagine. At the time of writing, Palworld remains the third most-played game on Steam with approximately 500,000 people.

Naturally, players would be keen to play the game with their friends online. Palworld allows players to do just that by letting them create dedicated servers that only the admin can control. So, if you plan to set up your own server and visit Palpados Islands with your friends, here are some useful Palworld admin commands you should know about!

How to Use Console Commands in Palworld?

Useful Palworld Admin Commands - How to Use Them
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If you have set up a dedicated server for Palworld and want to use console commands on it, all you have to do is open up the global chat and type into it. You can use these commands to do a variety of things like kick players, shut down the server, save Palworld data, etc. Keep in mind that this only works when you are the server admin. That way you won’t embarrass yourself by trying to kick someone and then have the command sent as a plain message for everyone to see.

Palworld Admin Commands You Need to Know

Admin commands can come in handy when playing Palworld with your friends using a dedicated server. Here are the most helpful admin commands to know about:



/Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText}

Shut down the server after the given time


Shut down the server immediately after using the command

/Broadcast {MessageText}

Send a message to all players


Shows the list of everyone on the server

/KickPlayer {SteamID}

Kick the user of the given ID

/BanPlayer {SteamID}

Ban the user of the given ID

/TeleportToPlayer {SteamID}

Teleport to the user of the given ID

/TeleportToMe {SteamID}

Brings the user of the given ID to where you are standing


Shows the server name, current game version, etc.


Save all data from your world

How Do the Console Commands Work?

The admin commands enable the server host to perform certain actions that are not possible for other players to do. For instance, if there is a player with the username “playerX” on your server who is causing unnecessary trouble, by typing “/BanPlayer {playerX}” in the global chat, the server admin can ban the user from entering your server. Here, the admin has to type in the command and then follow it up with the player’s ID. This will cause the player to be booted from the server permanently.

Similarly, when using the shutdown timer command, you can use a command like “/Shutdown {300} {This server is shutting down in five minutes}.” This will notify all of the players in your world that the server is being shut off after 5 minutes.

Can You Use Console Commands on Consoles?

No, you cannot use console commands on consoles. The Xbox does not support this feature at the time of writing, and it is suspected that other consoles would not do so either. That is because the Xbox cannot host dedicated servers. However, the developers of the game, Pocketpair, expressed that they would like to add dedicated servers to the Xbox. But there is no concrete evidence that this feature would be added anytime soon.

Can You Use Palworld Admin Commands in Single Player Mode?

Yes, you can use Palworld admin commands in single-player mode. But this will require the player to unlock the console command window using mods. The devs have intentionally locked this feature as it can be used to exploit the game in various ways. For instance, if you have a mod enabled that gives you access to the console command window, you can spawn materials, ingredients, consumables, armor, weapons, ammo, pal spheres, etc. Doing this will trivialize the entire fun of the game!

Final Thoughts

That’s everything you need to know about Palworld admin commands! These commands can be very useful when moderating your server to provide everyone with the best experience. However, it is important to not abuse the console commands and use them only when necessary. When you’re in charge of a server in Palworld, it is important that you act in a proper manner. Otherwise, you may end up losing your Pals irl!

For more news, features, and guides on Palworld, keep your eye on ESTNN!

Useful Palworld Admin Commands – How to Use Them
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