Unicorn Overlord Shaman Class Guide – Strengths, Abilities, and More

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Unicorn Overlord Shaman Class Guide – Strengths, Abilities, and More

Let’s look at the best way to utilize the strengths of the Shaman class in Unicorn Overlord. 

If you’re a fan of classic turn-based Tactical RPGs, then Unicorn Overlord is one game you don’t want to miss. Set in the fictional world of Fervith where the Zenoiran Empire takes control of five nations, you take on the role of Alain, the leader of the Liberation Army and fight to regain your freedom. 

The setting might not sound exactly new for a game of this genre, but the gameplay mechanics, combat and side activities make for a pretty fun time when you’re playing the game. It has a fantastic world design and the class system for the units add a lot of depth and complexity to the game.

When you’re trying to build the perfect army that can handle anything the game throws at you, you need to understand all the different classes of units you have at your disposal. Shaman is a unit that you’ll unlock before you reach Drakenhold, and in the right team composition, it’s downright broken.

In this article, we’ll explore the strengths and weaknesses of the Shaman class in Unicorn Overlord to help you figure out how you can better use this unit for your army. Let’s get started.

Unicorn Overlord Shaman Class Overview 

Unicorn Overlord Shaman Class Guide - Strengths, Abilities, and More

Shaman is a Base class in Unicorn Overlord. There’s only one playable Shaman character in the game – Selvie. You’ll find her near the southwestern part of Cornia. You’ll find her standing near a stone circle.

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Talking to her will also unlock the Sigil Trial quests in the overworld, so we recommend unlocking and recruiting here as early as you can. Other than that, you can recruit Shaman mercenaries from liberated forts once you progress far enough into the story.

What Does a Shaman Do?

The Shaman Class is a Caster that uses Staff to apply different debuffs and status effects on the enemies to reduce their effectiveness in battle. For the initiates, it might not sound too impressive. But veterans of the genre know just how effective these types of units are in a tactical RPG.

Their mobility is pretty average, and when you place Selvie as the Leader, her Shaman class trait makes her units take less damage from Magick Assists. However, since she doesn’t have any Assist Type and her mobility isn’t exceptional, we don’t recommend using her as the Leader.

The biggest strength of the Shaman class is their high Initiative, which means they’ll be able to apply debuffs faster in battle. Units that can cleanse debuffs, such as clerics, are particularly effective against Shamans.

Shamans also boast high evasion, which allows them to survive most encounters. But remember, the Shaman class is only effective when you use them with other damage dealers. As a damage source, they are not the best class. However, as support, you’ll rarely find a class as good as this one.

Here are the base stats for the Shaman class:

  • AP: 1
  • PP: 1
  • HP: C
  • Phys.ATK: D
  • Phys. DEF: C
  • Mag. ATK: D
  • Mag. DEF: S
  • Accuracy: C
  • Evasion: B
  • Crit Rate: C
  • Guard Rate: F
  • Initiative: B
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How to Best Use the Shaman Class

Unicorn Overlord Shaman Class Guide - Strengths, Abilities, and More

The true strength of the Shaman class lies in reducing the effectiveness of the enemy troops. That’s why you want to place them in the back row of your unit formation. From the back row, they can use their abilities without attracting attention. 

Their Passive Curse reduces the enemy’s PP by 1 and Initiative by 10. Against high PP classes like Thieves and Hoplites, this Passive Curse is extremely effective, limiting their actions each turn.

Other than that the class can also use a wide variety of Offensive Curses that reduce enemies Physical Attack Damage and Magical Attack Damage. When paired with a Tank, the debuffs from the Shaman can greatly enhance the damage tanking potential. 

The Passive Skill of the Shaman class also reduces the damage of the enemy unit by 20% that activates each time they attack. It also applies Critical Seal which essentially takes away their chance to deal a Critical Hit.

All of these abilities make Shaman one of the best classes to mitigate the enemies offensive capabilities. While they don’t offer any direct healing, the sustainability that the class brings through debuffs is unmatched.

Hopefully, now that you have a better idea of them, you’ll be able to use the Shaman class to its fullest potential in Unicorn Overlord. For more guides on the game, be sure to check out ESTNN!

Unicorn Overlord Shaman Class Guide – Strengths, Abilities, and More
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