Unicorn Overlord Best Team Compositions

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Unicorn Overlord Best Team Compositions

Trouble creating team synergy? Save yourself some time as we go through Unicorn Overlord’s best team compositions.

A new hit in the strategic RPG genre, Unicorn Overlord delves into the world of Fevrith with its well-crafted tactical gameplay as you make use of 4 characters in your party, choosing from a vast list of over 60 characters.

Now, it can be pretty hard to find the perfect team composition in Unicorn Overlord, especially because of the sheer amount of characters that you’ll unlock in a casual playthrough, and we’re not even counting the characters you could potentially miss! 

That’s why we’ve prepared this list for you as we take a look at the best team compositions in Unicorn Overlord. We personally think these arrangements have the best synergies and even if they’re not the best options, they’ll definitely be very effective in battle. Let’s get to it.

Unicorn Overlord Best Team Compositions

Unicorn Overlord Best Team Compositions
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Number 4

  • Lord: Alain

  • Knight: Clive
  • Housecarl: Aubin

With Alain on the frontline, the rest of the team composition, aka Clive and Aubin, will clear up the enemies on the back. Aubin is an extremely good character to have on your team because his class, Housecarl, lowers the defenses of the enemies. And to finish them up, Clive can take them down pretty easily because of his Knight class abilities.

Number 3

  • High Lord: Alain
  • Great Knight: Clive
  • Great Knight: Renault
  • Feathersword: Ochlys

The above composition is better suited for mid-game battles, and you’ll notice that Alain and Clive are still in the team since they’re still extremely viable mid-game. Alain will again take the frontline while the two Great Knights, Clive and Renault cleave up the enemies in the back row thanks to their offensive class capabilities. Ochlys, being a Feathersword class, can take down enemies very efficiently as well and clean up the rest of the opposition.

This team comp was coined by YouTube content creator, Iced Coffee Gaming. 

Number 2

  • Lord: Alain
  • Feathersword: Ochlys
  • Sellsword: Berenice
  • Cleric: Sharon

Alain takes the front row again (shocking), but this time, Ochlys will be joining him in the front row and the rest of the team will be focusing on the backline this time. It’s a simple comp but works very effectively. It’s also worth mentioning that this team composition was discovered by Reddit user CurtisManning and a lot of people have agreed with this being one of the best teams in Unicorn Overlord.

Number 1

  • Thief: Travis
  • Gladiator: Bruno
  • Housecarl: Aubin

This three-man team comp is another one that is quite effective in Unicorn Overlord. Aubin returns as his Housecarl role, again in the backline as he helps clear things out by lowering enemies defenses. There’s also two tanks this time, Travis and Bruno, as they take on the front row and deal most of the damage to the enemies.

And that concludes our list for the best teams in Unicorn Overlord. This list might differ from person to person but we can definitely confirm that all of the comps mentioned above will be extremely viable in combat. Not to mention, you’re free to move around the characters in some of them and see which works best for you.

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Unicorn Overlord Best Team Compositions
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