Two-Time FNCS Champion Reverse2k Plans To Quit Fortnite After Season 7

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Two-Time FNCS Champion Reverse2k Plans To Quit Fortnite After Season 7

A Fortnite veteran and two-time FNCS winner plans to retire after Season 7.

It’s not every day that a player who has won two major Fortnite titles in three seasons decides to call it quits. However, that appears to be the case for Season 4 and Season 6 Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) winner—Malachi “Reverse2k” Greiner. The Fortnite veteran has spent the last three years competing at the highest level.

It seems that his growing frustration and anger toward the game finally reached a boiling point based on some recent Twitch clips and a tweet where he indicated Chapter 2 - Season 7 will be his last. This season’s FNCS could be the final hurrah for one of Fortnite’s most prolific champions.

Reverse2k to Quit End of Season 7

It was a tough start to the season for Reverse2k. Despite claiming his second Axe of Champions alongside teammates Deyy and Mero, the two controller players split from Reverse2k. This decision left the Solo World Cup Finalist with no options comparable to what he enjoyed for three seasons.

Mero and Deyy turned to World Cup Champion Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, but Bugha ultimately reneged on his decision. The two controller players reluctantly returned to Reverse2k, who understandably felt slighted and less motivated to put his all into Fortnite. Reverse2k, Mero and Deyy reunited and won a Trio Cash Cup and took third in DreamHack Cash Cup Extra. Regardless, Reverse2k has been unhappy playing competitive Fortnite for some time and stated his intentions to quit.

“I am definitely quitting after this season,” wrote Reverse2k on Twitter. Although he and his trio have picked up where they left off last season, the Fortnite veteran seems burnt out. Reverse2k, Mero and Deyy have all qualified for the FNCS Season 7 Finals after winning last season, and they could undoubtedly win another title.

No Credit Where it’s Due

Regardless, there’s always been a narrative of disrespect since Reverse2k does not have gaudy numbers. He operates as his trio’s in-game leader (IGL), which tasks him with guiding his team through chaotic situations, tarping and dropping desirable weapons for his team to compile eliminations. Unfortunately, many fans and players within the scene don’t give Reverse2k the credit he deserves. His veteran presence, skill and comprehension of competitive Fortnite are invaluable.

It’s challenging to say whether or not Reverse2k will commit to his decision to retire. As previously stated, he, Mero and Deyy are the best trio in NA East. Another FNCS win could certainly prolong his career, but he genuinely seems unhappy playing Fortnite at this stage. We’ll ultimately have to wait and see what unfolds to conclude this season.

The FNCS Season 7 Finals are set to take place on September 4 and 5.