Twitch Rivals: Valorant To Feature $200k Prize Pool

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Twitch Rivals: Valorant To Feature $200k Prize Pool

Twitch Rivals is hopping on the Valorant hype.

With Valorant about to come out of beta and into the hands of everyone, Riot Games has teamed up with Twitch Rival to showcase Valorant esports in a $200k tournament.

The event will mark the start of Valorant’s life as a fully released title, and with $200k up for grabs in the prize pool, Riot is looking to start things off with a bang. Valorant launches after an incredibly closed beta, which saw the game peaking at well over 1 million concurrent views on Twitch for weeks. While the viewers slowed as people started to get keys, Valorant remained a massive hit on the streaming platform so it’s no wonder Riot and Twitch are partnering up for this event.

In a press release, Twitch had this to say about the event:

“After a record-breaking closed beta, Riot Game’s 5v5 character-based tactical shooter Valorant is launching on June 2. To celebrate, Twitch Rivals is collaborating with Riot to execute the first set of competitive events for Valorant on its grand opening weekend. These events will span the globe, with participation from some of your favorite creators in North America, Brazil, LATAM, Europe, Korea, and Japan.”

Summer Game Fest Comes to Twitch

The news comes as part of a larger collaboration on Twitch with the Geoff Keighley organized Summer Game Fest. Joining the Valorant event, Twitch will also be a part of the revealing Of console announcements, 2K Games Reveals, and Twitche’s own IGDA Indie Showcase. The latter of these is the largest of the events with Twitch looking to have developer AMAs so fans can connect directly with the developers. Twitch will also run an e-jam developer contest in late June. This will see indie studios partnering with students to help them create small games in just 48 hours. The finals of which will be hosted on Twitch.

While we know nothing about what will be shown, as these events are coming at around the time we’d usually expect to see E3, they’ll likely be a few large announcements. Lastly, Twitch will continue to support co-streaming for all these events during the Summer Game Fest. So you can watch the content along with your favorite streamer or community.

Twitch Rivals: Valorant To Feature $200k Prize Pool
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