Turn The Tide: Empowering Anthem for VALORANT Champions 2023

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Turn The Tide: Empowering Anthem for VALORANT Champions 2023

Team Liquid's ‘Turn The Tide' anthem and Riot Games' ‘Ticking Away' set the stage for an epic VALORANT Champions 2023

 Teaming up with Alienware, Team Liquid presents ‘Turn The Tide' at VALORANT Champions 2023. Composed by 2WEI and featuring Edda Hayes and Kataem, the anthem encapsulates the team's journey, emphasizing themes of excellence and overcoming challenges.

Team Liquid's Empowering Anthem – ‘Turn The Tide'

The powerful chorus echoes a resounding call to action: “Together we rise, turning the tide, no backing down, we'll reach the sky. As one we fight, fearless stride, united hearts, we'll never hide.”

The verses paint a vivid picture of Team Liquid's relentless pursuit of victory, drawing parallels between the battle on the virtual battleground and the resilience displayed in real-life struggles. The anthem's uplifting melody and heartfelt lyrics inspire fans to stand united, cheering for their favorite team as they face formidable foes.

2WEI, Edda Hayes, and Kataem – The Creative Force

A first-time collaboration with an esports team, 2WEI delivers an exclusive anthem alongside artists Edda Hayes and Kataem. Their combined talents amplify the excitement of the tournament, blending electronic elements with soulful vocals.

The production genius of 2WEI shines through as the anthem builds to a crescendo, mirroring the crescendo of emotions felt by players and fans alike during the intense competition. Edda Hayes' powerful voice infuses the song with raw emotion, conveying the highs and lows of the gaming journey. Kataem's musical finesse adds a unique flavor, resonating with the passion and dedication of esports enthusiasts.

Riot Games' ‘Ticking Away' – An Unforgettable Track

Riot unleashed ‘Ticking Away,' featuring Grabbitz and bbno$, as the official song for VALORANT Champions 2023. The track captivated with its nostalgic tone, resonating with relatable life experiences for gamers, and their love and dedication for the world of Valorant.

‘Ticking Away' weaves a tale of growth and resilience, striking a chord with the gaming community. The music video showcases heartwarming moments of friendship, courage, and triumph, reflecting Valorant's impact beyond the virtual realm. The powerful vocals of Grabbitz and drowsy bars from bbno$ breathe life into the lyrics, taking listeners on an emotional journey of self-discovery and camaraderie.

Embracing the Anthems – A Celebration of Unity

As we rally behind Team Liquid's empowering anthem ‘Turn The Tide' and embrace the resonance of Riot's ‘Ticking Away,' the excitement for VALORANT Champions 2023 reaches its peak. Fans from around the world join in the celebration of music and gaming on the grand stage in Los Angeles.

Turn The Tide: Empowering Anthem for VALORANT Champions 2023

With excitement and unity, we are ready to see new legends emerge and make cherished memories at VALORANT Champions 2023. As the anthems play and the music fills the air, get ready for an amazing esports event. Team Liquid is rising, and other teams are ready to face challenges. Let's stand together, motivated by these uplifting anthems that encourage us to aim high and reach for success.


Turn The Tide: Empowering Anthem for VALORANT Champions 2023
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