TSM vs Wildcard Gaming Preview and Predictions – Dota 2 2023 NA DPC Tour 2 Division I

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TSM vs Wildcard Gaming Preview and Predictions – Dota 2 2023 NA DPC Tour 2 Division I

There are a couple of big teams in North America to keep an eye on, and TSM is among them. Bryle and the rest have been flawless so far, but they have another challenge ahead of them.

The TSM vs Wildcard Gaming prediction you’re about to see will cover some of the things you may want to know about this match. Whether you check some of the leading gambling sites and bet on them or simply watch the match for fun, here’s what you need to know about TSM vs Wildcard Gaming.


There is no arguing that TSM is one of the best squads in the Dota 2 2023 DPC North America Tour 2 Division I. After winning Division I, TSM qualified for The Lima Major 2023 but wasn’t able to live up to the expectations. Fortunately, it has one more chance to shine in the upcoming second Major.

Of course, before it can get there, it needs to deal with its opponents. The TSM vs Wildcard predictions are more interesting than some of you may think because the latter is a dangerous opponent.

So far, TSM has 3 victories. It has already defeated its biggest opponent Shopify Rebellion and also dealt with 5RATFROCESTAFF and B8.

Wildcard Gaming

Although Wildcard Gaming also wants to be in TSM’s sport, the team hasn’t succeeded yet. Unlike its powerful opponent, this squad has lost all of its series so far.

Yawar and the rest couldn’t deal with B8 and also lost against felt and nouns. Needless to say, the team will need to do everything in its power to win this series if it wants to keep its chances of not dropping to NA Division II Tour 2.

TSM vs Wildcard Gaming Predictions

Although some players may not find this match interesting to watch, we believe it will offer us a lot of action. With that said, here are some of the things to keep in mind.

Match Winner

Considering both teams’ most recent stats and overall performance, it shouldn’t be surprising TSM is the big favorite. The team is yet to lose a single series, whereas their opponents haven’t won anything yet. There is always the possibility for surprises, but we don’t believe that it will be in this game.

Who will have the most kills?


Bryle and Timado are among the best core players in the Dota 2 North American DPC Tour 2 Division I so far. Although Bryle is notorious for his aggressive playstyle when using some heroes, we think Timado will have more kills than him. No wonder he’s also the favorite in most TSM vs Wildcard Gaming predictions.

Who will have the most assists?

Normally, position 4 players have the most assists, but when it comes down to this match, our pick goes for TSM’s offlaner. The latter has been incredibly active in all of the team’s matches so far, so we expect to see the same thing here. 

Who will have the most deaths?

If we look at Wildcard Gaming’s results so far, we can see that MSS and Sammyboy die more often than the rest. Choosing one of them is a tough call, but our pick goes to Sammyboy just because he’s the team’s position 5 players.

How many towers will both teams destroy?

If you’re wondering whether we’ll see a lot of objective gaming in this match, we think the answer is no. Unless TSM makes a crucial mistake, they should be able to rip through their opponents and win fast. Consequently, we think that the team won’t focus that much on taking objectives because the games should end fast. 

How long will the match last?

Considering that Wildcard Gaming and B8 are around the same skill level, TSM needed just 60 min in total to win against Dendi’s team. Consequently, we don’t expect the games in the series to be more than 30 minutes long each.

TSM vs Wildcard Gaming Preview and Predictions – Dota 2 2023 NA DPC Tour 2 Division I
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