TSM vs Team DogChamp Preview and Predictions: DPC NA 2023 Tour 3: Division I

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TSM vs Team DogChamp Preview and Predictions: DPC NA 2023 Tour 3: Division I

Week 2 in North America will start with the TSM vs Team DogChamp series, which will be key for both teams.

Everyone knows that there are two teams in North America that are above the rest, and TSM is among them. However, since Timado and the rest lost a very important series in Week 1, it’s time for the TSM vs Team DogChamp match, which they have to win. Of course, the clash won’t be easy because the latter is also pretty good, so expect to find competitive odds for both options if you visit the top-tier Dota 2 betting platforms.

TSM vs Team DogChamp Preview

If we take a look at these two teams’ results after week 1, we can see that TSM has a slight advantage. However, one of the best teams in North America played 3 games, whereas its opponent only had 2. With that said, both teams will focus on the TSM vs Team DogChamp clash because they need to win.


While talking about winnings, TSM defeated B8 and ALPHA in Week 1. The problem is that it lost the series against Shopify Rebellion, which is its big opponent. Following the loss, TSM has no room for mistakes anymore because nouns will try to snatch one of the two Major slots.

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Team DogChamp

Before the Team DogChamp vs TSM clash, red2 and the rest defeated felt in an epic series that had 3 games. Unfortunately, the team wasn’t able to do the same against nouns and lost this match. Of course, the squad wouldn’t want to lose another clash, so we expect to see a victory.

TSM vs Team DogChamp Predictions


As much as we like red2 and his teammates, this is a series that will most likely go to TSM. This squad always wins the direct clash between these two, so we expect the same to happen again. However, a potential loss will make the North American DPC even more interesting to watch.

First to destroy a tower

TSM will most likely be the team that will destroy the first tower in the match. We also expect it to secure the First Blood.

Winning in under 25 minutes?

Even though winning in under 25 minutes is never easy and requires one of the two teams to dominate in the clash, we expect this to happen in the TSM vs Team DogChamp game.

The first team to kill Roshan

Team DogChamp actually killed Roshan first in its previous matches, even when it lost. However, TSM is known for its map control, so we don’t expect any surprises when it comes down to killing Roshan.

TSM vs Team DogChamp – Where to watch it

Like all other North American Dota 2 matches, this one will take place on YouTube and Twitch. If that doesn’t seem interesting, the best sites for gambling will offer a special live stream. However, people who want to use it may need to comply with different rules, such as placing a bet. So, make sure to read the rules before using it.

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TSM vs Team DogChamp Preview and Predictions: DPC NA 2023 Tour 3: Division I
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