TSM vs Team Aster Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 ESL One Berlin Major 2023

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TSM vs Team Aster Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 ESL One Berlin Major 2023

TSM vs Team Aster will be one of the last matches that we’ll have the chance to watch from Group A of the ESL One Berlin Major 2023.

If you want to watch the battle between the North American and Chinese DPC winners, the TSM vs Team Aster clash is for you. It’s been a while since we’ve seen these two teams going head to head, so we can’t wait to see what will happen. This series will be incredibly important for both squads, so make sure to check ESTNN for some of the top betting sites if you want to wager on it.

TSM vs Team Aster Preview 

The Team Aster vs TSM clash has always been fun to watch because it is hard to predict what will happen. Many people assume that the Chinese will win, but Timado’s team has proven many times it can survive. Let’s not forget it became the only non-European team that reached a final of a big tournament in 2022.

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Although the squad has a pretty good roster, it has problems on the international stage, and their most recent results province it. TSM is second-last in Group A at the time of writing, so they must do something to survive. Sadly, this is easier said than done because the TSM vs Team Aster matches won’t be easy.

Team Aster

Unlike their North American counterparts, the Chinese squad is doing pretty well at ESL One Berlin Major 2023. Even though it is not first in Group A, the team has 1 victory and 3 draws, meaning it is in the top 4. However, this doesn’t mean it will survive and qualify for the next round because it has several tough clashes ahead of it.

TSM vs Team Aster Prediction


Despite the fact that Aster is the better team right now, this is a Bo2 match, which is why we think it will end in a draw.

Will the games be longer than 40 minutes?

Yes, we think that both games in this series will be longer than 40 minutes.

Will Team Aster get first blood?

Yes, we think Team Aster will get first blood.

Can TSM secure 20 kills in this match?

Yes, TSM can secure 20 kills in the match. Despite being the underdog, the North American champion has some of the best core players.

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Will Team Aster get the first tower?

Yes, Team Aster will probably destroy the first tower in this match in both games.

Will Team Aster get a 30k+ net worth lead at some point?

Yes, we will see a 30k+ net worth lead in the TSM vs Team Aster match and it will be in favor of the Chinese.

TSM vs Team Aster – Where to watch?

ESL One Berlin Major 2023’s official Twitch and YouTube channels will allow people to watch the match in real time. The clash will take place on April 29 at 13:00 EEST. Check our other predictions for this game before deciding which one to bet.

TSM vs Team Aster Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 ESL One Berlin Major 2023
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