TSM vs Shopify Rebellion Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

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TSM vs Shopify Rebellion Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

TSM vs Shopify Rebellion will be a replay of the epic clash between the two leading North American teams.

After meeting each other many times, it’s time for yet another TSM vs Shopify Rebellion series, but this time, the match will be played at DreamLeague Season 19. The two North American powerhouses must go up against each other in a battle for survival. Considering the importance of the match, you can expect to find it on all leading websites for betting on Dota 2.

TSM vs Shopify Rebellion Preview 

Unlike some of the other matches from the second group stage of DreamLeague Season 19, we had the chance to watch the TSM vs Shopify Rebellion battle many times. Even though Arteezy and the rest are almost always the favorite, TSM has beaten them several times in a row. This definitely gives Timado and the rest a slight edge over its rivals.


Despite being one of the teams people looked up to, TSM hasn’t lived up to its fans’ expectations. At the time of writing this prediction, the squad has problems and has to fight for its survival. This gives SR the perfect opportunity to punish their opponents and deliver the final nail in the coffin. 

Shopify Rebellion

Besides the losses against Team Liquid and OG, SR has had almost no problems so far. The team was able to defeat many powerful opponents, including the likes of Tundra Esports, EG and GG. However, the Shopify Rebellion vs TSM match will be special because Arteezy and the rest have lost the last couple of matches against this opponent.

TSM vs Shopify Rebellion Predictions

Dota 2 carry player Arteezy competing for Evil Geniuses at the One Esports Singapore Major

Considering both teams’ most recent stats, we think that Shopify Rebellion will take revenge. Although it won’t be easy, the team has what it takes to win this match.

Will we see 3 maps?

Yes, we think that the TSM vs Shopify Rebellion series will give us access to 3 full maps. Neither team will want to lose without winning at least one of the games.

Will we see a Rampage?

Even though rampages are becoming more popular (we’ve seen a few at DreamLeague Season 19), we don’t expect to see any in this match. However, there will be a lot of triple kills.

Shopify Rebellion to Destroy the First Lane of Rax – Yes

If the site for Dota 2 betting you’ve chosen allows you to punt on whether SR will destroy the first lane of Rax, we think the team will do that. It might be the underdog in the h2h matches, but SR’s most recent results have been fairly consistent.

Will TSM destroy over 5 towers in each game? – Yes

TSM is a team that focuses a lot on objectives. Therefore, we think it will eliminate more than 5 towers in each game.

TSM vs Shopify Rebellion – Where to watch?

If you want to watch the battle between these 2 giants at DreamLeague Season 19, open your YouTube or Twitch and look for more information. Don’t forget we also have predictions for other matches.

TSM vs Shopify Rebellion Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19
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