TSM vs OG Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

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TSM vs OG Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

TSM vs OG sounds one-sided on paper, but this series at DreamLeague Season 19 can offer us a lot more than it seems.

The TSM vs OG will be incredibly important for both teams because the second Group Stage at DreamLeague Season 19 is slowly coming to an end. Naturally, you will be able to bet on this match if you check some of the eSports betting sites offered by ESTNN. They will offer a wide range of markets, but before you pick one of them, here’s what to expect from this clash.

TSM vs OG Preview

So far, the two teams have similar results in the second group, meaning they’re not performing as well as their fans expect. Following the first 3 days of the group, the teams have 1 victory and 2 losses. As you can imagine, this makes the series even more important to watch.


One of North America’s leading Dota 2 teams started with a loss against Tundra. Fortunately, Timado and the rest bounced back in the series versus BC, but the squad lost the match vs EG. Up next, the team will have to play against GG and then meet BZM’s squad.


Similar to their NA counterparts, OG also has only one victory, and it was against Shopify Rebellion. Prior to the OG vs TSM match, BZM’s quad lost against EG and failed to defeat Tundra Esports. Of course, the squad also has a match against bc on April 17.

TSM vs OG Predictions

Despite the two teams having similar results, we think that OG is better overall, and the team will do everything possible to win. It definitely won’t be easy because the NA team won’t go down without fighting.

Will OG have a 15+ kills advantage?

Yes, we think that there will be a 15+ kills advantage in the TSM vs OG match, and it will be in favor of the WEU teams. 

Will BZM get to play Invoker?


Yes, BZM will probably get to play Invoker because he’s proven that he is among the best in the world with the hero. Furthermore, he carried his team several times in their last games.

Who’ll secure the first kill?

The First Blood in the match will probably go in TSM’s favor because Timado and co. are known for focusing on it.

Can OG win 0:2?

No, we don’t think that the TSM vs OG series will end with a clean victory for the WEU squad. Even though it is among the best in the world, TSm will probably win at least one map.

Will we see a Shadowblade?

Although this is among the most popular items in PUB Dota 2 games, we don’t expect to see it in action here.

TSM vs OG – Where to Watch

You can watch this epic series on April 18 at 22:30 EEST live on ESL’s YouTube and Twitch channels. Don’t forget ESTNN has other predictions for some of the hottest Dota 2 matches, so check them out.

TSM vs OG Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19
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