TSM vs felt Preview and Predictions: DPC NA 2023 Tour 3: Division I

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TSM vs felt Preview and Predictions: DPC NA 2023 Tour 3: Division I

TSM vs felt is a match between two teams that have different goals.

After losing a key series in the North American 2023 DPC Tour 3 Division I, it’s time for the TSM vs felt series where Timado’s team can’t afford to make any mistakes. However, this will be easier said than done, considering the last clash between the two. Since this series is incredibly popular, users worldwide want to watch and bet on it, so we can offer you some of the best gambling websites to pick from.

TSM vs felt Preview 

If we take a look at the current situation in NA’s Divisio nI, we can see that these two teams are in very different positions. Despite losing the clash against Shopify Rebellion, TSM bounced back and won 3 matches in a row. As for felt, the squad only played one game so far and it wasn’t able to win.


Losing against one of the favorites in Division I wasn’t easy, but before the TSM vs felt clash, Timado’s team won 3 matches in a row. It all started with a victory against B8, followed by another one versus ALPHA. In week 2, TSM dealt with TeamDogChamp, and now it’s time to face felt.


Speaking of the devil, felt only had one match in Week 1, and it was against Team DogChamp. Despite winning the first map, the squad wasn’t able to survive and lost the next 2 games. Considering it has to fight for its survival, the team will need to step up its game and win its next couple of matches.

TSM vs felt Predictions


There is no arguing that one of the teams is the big favorite in the felt vs TSM clash, and that’s Timado’s team. TSM hasn’t lost a game against its opponent yet, so we don’t expect this to happen now.

Will we see more than 1 Blink Dagger?

Yes, the TSM vs felt is a series where we can see multiple Blink Daggers. Both teams use a lot of heroes that need this item to be effective.

Will we see a Rampage in the series?

If we take a look at the previous match between the two, we can see that there was a Rampage. Hence, we wouldn’t be surprised if the same happens in this match.

Can TSM defeat felt in under 20 minutes?

Even though TSM is the favorite in this series, it will be really difficult for the team to defeat their opponents in under 20 minutes.

Over or Under 2.5 games?

The TSM vs felt clash will be fun to watch because the latter won’t give up, but we don’t think felt can snatch a game in this series.

TSM vs felt Preview – How to watch it

This series will be available on Twitch and all of the gambling sites that will allow people to watch it. It will take place on May 25 at 01:00 EEST, so make sure to watch it if you are interested in the North American DPC.

TSM vs felt Preview and Predictions: DPC NA 2023 Tour 3: Division I
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