TSM vs Evil Geniuses Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

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TSM vs Evil Geniuses Preview and Predictions: Dota 2 DreamLeague Season 19

The TSM vs Evil Geniuses match at DreamLeague Season 19 can be fatal for one of the two.

Even though we already had the chance to watch the TSM vs Evil Geniuses battle earlier at DreamLeague Season 19, the stakes now are much higher. These Dota 2 powerhouses lost their initial matches, meaning they must win this one to survive. Unsurprisingly, this makes the series even more interesting because the squads will give everything they have to win. Expect to learn more about it when you check the top eSports sites for betting.

TSM vs Evil Geniuses Preview

The reason why the Evil Geniuses vs TSM is very interesting is that these 2 teams are among the best in North America and South America. Naturally, they’ve met several times so far and the matches have always been fun to play.


The North American powerhouse barely secured its slot for the second group stage of DreamLeague Season 19 after it had to play in the Tiebreakers. Sadly, the squad lost its first match versus Tundra, so it’s time for it to stand out.

Evil Geniuses

Unlike their opponents, EG had no problems and qualified for the next stage right away. However, prior to the TSM vs Evil Geniuses match, the South American squad lost its fist match, so it is in a slightly complicated position right now.

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TSM vs Evil Geniuses Predictions

Choosing a clear winner here will be incredibly hard because both teams are good and can defeat their opponents. Although TSM is good, we think that Evil Geniuses will take this with 1:2 results.

Total Maps

Since the TSM vs EG series will be evenly matched, we expect to see 3 full games. 

Who’ll win the first map?

Quinn to join the SabeRLighT on the TSM at dota Pro Circuit Stockholm Major on the board of the stand in in the major

Everything is possible in this series, but we expect EG to have a solid start to the series and win the first map.

How many kills will we see on Roshan?

Depending on the game’s length, we might see up to 3 kills on Roshan in each map. Don’t forget that both teams use the Aegis in their drafts and rely on the item to succeed.

Will we see more than a 20k Net Worth advantage?

Yes, we think we will see more than a 20k net worth advantage in one of the 3 maps. Both teams have the needed players to do that.

Will we see a Divine Rapier?

Even though this item is rarely in professional Dota 2 matches, we think that the TSM vs EG series is the one where this is possible. Of course, it all depends on the lineup.

Which team will destroy the first tower in the game?

TSM is one of the North American teams that focuses a lot on objectives and uses them to gain an advantage in the match. Hence, they will destroy the first tower in the game.

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TSM vs Evil Geniuses – Where to watch?

April 16 is the date when we can watch these 2 teams in action on Twitch and YouTube. Make sure to check our previous predictions for more information about them.