TSM Part Ways With Valorant Roster

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TSM Part Ways With Valorant Roster

TSM disband their Valorant roster, vowing to return stronger for the upcoming Ascension season

Following an unsuccessful season, the prominent North American organization, TSM, have announced their decision to part ways with the Valorant roster. The popular NA team entered the 2023 VCT season with a fresh lineup comprising some of the best NA talents, including Johann “seven” Hernandez, Corey “corey” Nigra, Anthony “gMd” Guimond, and Nicholas “NaturE” Garrison, Eric “Kanpeki” Xu.

With a mix of experienced veterans like gMd and promising newcomers like Kanpeki, TSM started their journey in the Challengers League with the ultimate goal of securing a spot in the VCT Americas for the following season through the Ascension League. Although corey and Co made the playoffs off the NA VCL, they placed joint last in that event shattering their Ascension dream.

Failing to qualify for the Americas Ascension marked the end of TSM’s season and led to the disbanding of the roster. However, the North American organization reassured the fans that it was not the end of its presence in the Valorant competitive scene, as they promised to come back for the next Ascension season.

TSM Valorant Roster

Credit: TSM

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TSM Part Ways With Valorant Roster
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