TSM Leaves Rainbow Six Siege Esports

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TSM Leaves Rainbow Six Siege Esports

TSM is ending its siege on Rainbow Six Siege Esports.

Two weeks ago, TSM ace Jason “Beaulo” Doty announced on his Twitter that he was retiring from Rainbow Six Siege Esports and focusing on content creation. Many fans saw this as cause for concern for TSM's Rainbow Six Siege future. As it turns out, Beaulo couldn't have picked a more appropriate time to leave the scene. TSM is also leaving Rainbow Six Siege behind.

Initially revealed in a Sports Business Journal report, insider sources disclosed the news that TSM would be leaving competitive Rainbow Six. The day after, TSM confirmed this in a Twitter post bidding farewell to their Rainbow Six roster. The exact reason for this decision is currently unknown.

Even with the loss of Beaulo, TSM's decision to leave the Rainbow Six Siege scene still comes as a shock. TSM was a strong competitor in competitive Rainbow Six these past few years. They placed third in the Six Invitational 2020, fourth in the Six Invitational 2021, and achieved total victory last year at Six Invitational 2022, the highlight of the team's career. Their final match as a team was several weeks ago when they placed second in the North America Six Invitational 2023 qualifier.

With the exception of Beaulo, the entire TSM roster of Achieved, Merc, Snake, Pojoman, Gasher, and Gotcha are in free agency and open to opportunities. Snake, however, has made a tweet that leaves his future as a Rainbow Six pro questionable. But given with TSM Rainbow Six has accomplished over the years, I have no doubt these players and coaches will find new homes soon.

TSM Leaves Rainbow Six Siege Esports
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