Gamers Without Borders Event Returning With $10 Million Prize Pool

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Gamers Without Borders Event Returning With $10 Million Prize Pool

Gamers don't have borders, but gamers do have $10 million in prize money to spread around for good causes. 

Run by the Saudi Esports Federation in partnership with ESL Gaming, Gamers Without Borders is tied closely to the Gamers8 Esports & Gaming Festival. Gamers8 is about all esports pros claiming bragging rights and prize money for themselves. But Gamers Without Borders is more about raising money for various charities worldwide as the world's largest charitable Esports & Gaming event. 

Last year's Gamers Without Borders event also had a prize pool of $10 million, with most of the money dedicated to general humanitarian aid efforts. Gamers Without Borders continues that trend this year with its fourth consecutive event. 

What Games Will Be At The Gamers Without Borders Festival?

Gamers Without Borders stands out for hosting many different tournaments for many games. There are a handful of standouts, like Rainbow Six Siege, Counter-Strike, DOTA 2, and Rocket League. Several Gamers Without Borders tournaments last year enabled winners to qualify for their respective esports tournament at Gamers8 2022. 

Gamers Without Borders announced the event's return yesterday and will post their games lineup soon. The event starts on April 10. 

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