PlayStation Plus’ March Catalog is Stacked!

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PlayStation Plus’ March Catalog is Stacked!

PlayStation just revealed their PlayStation Plus Catalog Editions for March 2023! Here are all the details!

Sony has just announced some new additions to their PlayStation Plus Game Catalog. These will arrive on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, for everyone who's subscribed to the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium services.

Here is a list of all the titles coming to the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog and some recommendations!

Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection


While Uncharted 4: A Thieve's End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy stand-alone DLC had been part of PlayStation Plus Extra for a while already. Now the Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection is joining them.

This is a remastered version of PlayStation 4 titles, with improved visuals and optimized performance for the PlayStation 5. And if you're a PlayStation Plus Premium subscriber, the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection is already part of the Classic Catalog.

This means you have now access to all the mainline Uncharted titles which defined PlayStation in the PlayStation 3 era. If you haven't played them yet or want to catch up on them, the entire Uncharted series by Naughty Dog still holds up today with thrilling action and charismatic characters!



Tchia is an open-world adventure in which you play the titular Tchia and have to save her father from a cruel ruler called Meavora. The game will release on the same day as it becomes available on PlayStation Plus so no one can really say much about its quality.

But it looks like a simple and fun adventure game aimed at a younger audience. But if you're just looking for some innocent fun, Tchia will over you a charming coming-of-age story with a pacific flair.

You can explore the archipelago on foot by making use of the game's various traversal systems. You can use a tree to slingshot yourself up into the skies, fly around with a glider or sail on your customizable boat. Give it a try or recommend it to some of the younger gamers in your life!

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

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Rainbow Six Extraction is Rainbow Six Siege's standalone expansion that sees the elite operators of Rainbow Six team up against an Alien threat.

Think of it as Rainbow Six Siege's attempt at the Call of Duty Zombie mode. But instead up to three players team up to take on the evolving alien horrors called Archeans. Players take charge of one of the operators from Siege and tackle randomly generated objectives.

So if you're a fan of Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege, it might be worth a try if you're able to get some friends together.

Ghostwire Tokyo

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Tango Gamework's very excellent open-world title Ghostwire Tokyo is coming to PlayStation Plus! Not only is it a visual feast, but it also brings the mastery of the developers behind The Evil Within 1 and 2 into a first-person open-world action title.

The player takes control of Akito who is possessed by a spirit right before Tokyo is overcome with a creepy fog. But instead of facing the sins of his past, Akito learns how to master supernatural abilities to fight evil spirits and mythic creatures.

The game has also been updated for PlayStation 5 to feature ray tracing to bring Tokyo's rain-soaked into a new light. There is also a massive free content update planned for April! Give this title by the Hi-Fi Rush creators a chance!

Life is Strange: True Colors

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Life is Strange: True Colors is an emotional, narrative-led adventure game revolving around the mystery players have to solve with their unique abilities. You are Alex Chen who thought her special powers are more boon than blessing.

With the power of Empathy, she can detect and manipulate the emotions of those around her.  After an accident throws her life out of balance. Only her powers can uncover the truth of what really happened. Be prepared though, the truth will hurt.

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Life is Strange 2


Life is Strange 2 features the brothers Sean and Daniel who are on their way to Mexico after running away from home. Daniel has the ability to move objects with his mind, which attracts all kinds of unwanted attention, especially from the police.

You play sixteen-year-old Sean and it's your job to protect your brother who is coming to grips with his new abilities. You have to teach him how to use his powers properly and take care of him on the long journey to Mexico.

How will your story play out? Life is Strange 2 is a brilliant experience much like the first game. If you're into coming-of-age dramas that tug at the heartstrings, this one is for you.

Immortals Fenyx Rising


Many have put off Immortals Fenyx Rising as a Ubisoft clone of Nintendo's Zelda Breath of the Wild. And while some of the influences are noticeable, Immortals Fenyx Rising knows exactly how to play its cards.

While it is at its core a charming open-world adventure with many of the usual genre hallmarks, it's the tone and setting that really set Immortals Fenyx Rising apart. The combat offers a lot of depth while also being easy to pick up and there are many challenges that keep the player on their toes.

If you have some love or interest in Greek mythology and or are looking for something to play with the younger gamers in your life, you should give this one a second look.

Immortals Fenyx Rising was unfortunately lost on the shuffle upon release, but that doesn't take away that it is an excellent title with much to give.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot


While there are many Anime out there, none of them stand as tall as Dragon Ball Z. And while there have been many games that adapt the story of earth's mightiest warriors, there hasn't been one yet that goes into such detail.

In Dragon Ball Z: Karkarot you relive the entirety of the Dragon Ball Z anime and then some. With many iconic moments faithfully recreated on the back of a surprisingly sturdy open-world RPG. You can explore the worlds of the Dragon Ball franchise and forge powerful bonds with all the characters.

If you ever wanted a game that lets you hang out with Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, and all the rest, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is the ultimate game for anyone who's a fan of the cult anime.

Street Fighter V Champion Edition


If you've been eying Street Fighter 6 and can't wait to grind on the rankings like the rest of us. Might you be interested in Street Fighter V? With a few months to go till the release of the next entry of the legendary fighting game franchise, it's never too early to learn the ropes or get some practice in.

With 40 characters and 7 years of updates and content, Street Fighter V has established itself as a darling and a mainstay at all FGC events. And with the same team working on Street Fighter 6, it's a great way to get a feel of what Street Fighter 6 will eventually look like.

That being said, Street Fighter V stands on its own. Having a varied roster of characters across all styles and being rather accessible with a lot of documentation available. So go ahead and train your footsies and eventually you'll have a shot to compete with the best of the best.

Untitled Goose Game

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The Untitled Goose Game might be one of the greatest things a game engine has ever created. You play a goose and your agenda is coming down on a quaint town and messing with its citizens. There is even a button dedicated to honking. Which as we know, is essential to the life of a goose.

Cause carnage, set up pranks, and exact revenge for all the times these fools forgot to bring you snacks. That's the only pitch you'll ever be going to need for this game. Play it, it's not long but very memorable!

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD


In the dynamic and enthralling world of Orience, an unforgiving war of nations threatens to decimate the entire continent. Enter the fray as Class Zero, a group of elite students defending their homeland against the onslaught of the warmongering Militesi Empire.

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The title was originally released for the PS-Vita and later ported to the PlayStation 4. Made by the team that would then go on to make Final Fantasy XV and Forspoken, Final Fantasy Type-0 is a masterclass of storytelling with a cast of endearing characters.

It's another one of those games that got lost in the shuffle by being locked to a handheld. It's 100% worth your time.

Neo: The World Ends with You

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Neo: The World Ends with You is the sequel to the Square Enix DS classic The World Ends with You. Don't worry, the game is still very much its own thing and takes you into the bustling streets of Shibuya Tokyo. Here Rindo and his friends are forced to compete in the Reaper's Game in order to survive.

While Neo: The World Ends with You was released to quiet fan fair, it being the big console sequel to a DS cult classic from 2007 after all. That doesn't mean it isn't one of the best RPGs of the past few years.

It's a title that just oozes style in its action combat, music, visuals, and even in its mechanics. If you've ever wanted to play an RPG set in the mean streets of Tokyo that isn't Persona 5 or Like a Dragon 7, this is the one. Please play it, this game deserved so much better.

Rage 2


Rage 2 is a sequel to the 2011 released Rage. An open-world apocalyptic shooter that has you explore a wasteland full of mutants, bandits, and those who have a couple of screws loose. Think of a more action-focused Far Cry in a vague sci-fi version of Mad Max.

While the game features some excellent shooting mechanics, being made by Avalanche and the guys behind Doom 2016. It falls a little flat in the exploration and story department. Nonetheless, if you're looking for a fun action-heavy shooter, you can't go wrong with this one.



Haven is another one of those titles that got sadly lost in the shuffle of other great games being released. This is a shame because it reviewed well and told a very mature love story in the context of an RPG with turn-based combat and fun exploration segments.

In Haven, you take control of star-crossed lovers Yu and Kay who have left their lives behind to live out their love on a strange planet. It's a very engaging, down-to-earth tale about love and the struggles that come with it. Especially when you're alone on a forsaken planet and have to figure out how to survive there.

No matter how many praises I sing for it, it will never do justice to the heartwarming experience Haven is. And it should be upheld and praised as a great game that uses the medium to tell an engaging and unique story.

PlayStation Classics

Ridge Racer Type 4 | PS1 

Ridge Racer’s four-wheeled action returns to PlayStation. Boasting a gorgeous visual style, sublime track design, and a killer soundtrack, Type 4 builds its arcade gameplay around a multi-race Grand Prix, asking you to pick a racing team to drive for and an extensive range of cars to unlock.

Ape Academy 2 | PSP

Evil genius Specter has invented a new card game and it’s sweeping the globe, helping him on his way toward world domination. Get ready to mix it up with the monkeys using Specter’s ‘scissors, paper, rock’ cards on in fiendishly difficult mini-games. Just don’t underestimate the apes, no matter how silly they act. They’ll do anything to claim the prize!

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror | PSP

You are Precision Strike Operative Gabe Logan, commanding a black box U.S. agency that legally doesn’t exist. While investigating the para-military group Red Section, Logan uncovers a project known only as Dark Mirror.

Experience Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror was originally released on PSP with enhanced up-rendering, rewind, quick save, and custom video filters.

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PlayStation Plus’ March Catalog is Stacked!
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