Rainbow Six Mobile Soft Launch Is Now Live

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Rainbow Six Mobile Soft Launch Is Now Live

If you weren't lucky enough to gain access to either of the two Rainbow Six Closed Betas, Ubisoft has some good news for you. 

Rainbow Six Mobile has had two Closed Beta periods so far. The first Closed Beta was late last year, and the second began in early June and ran through the first few weeks of July. 

After a month of radio silence on Twitter, so their employees can enjoy the summer season, the official Rainbow Six Mobile account has announced that the Soft Launch for Rainbow Six Mobile is happening before the end of the month. And that day is today.

Rainbow Six Mobile Soft Launch: What to Expect

A Mobile Devlog from Creative Direction Justin Swan revealed some details for the Rainbow Six Mobile Soft Launch. Ubisoft will be incrementally rolling out the Soft Launch in various territories across the globe over the coming months.

Players in Canada have received access first on both Android and iOS. The Soft Launch will go live in Mexico on September 4 for Android devices only. For iPhone users, Rainbow Six Mobile supports iPhone XS and above models. iPad support was not active in Closed Beta 2.0, and the Rainbow Six Mobile Twitter account has confirmed plans for that for the Global Launch. 

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The Soft Launch further improved upon fixes from the Closed Beta 2.0, such as reducing wall clipping and improving latency issues (In the Closed Beta 2.0, the system automatically kicked any player with a ping above 200). Ubisoft has introduced two new game modes and a beta-ranked mode in the Soft Launch. There will also be special-ranked events coming in the future. 

But most importantly, progression is officially permanent, so you no longer have to worry about account wipes. Grind to your heart's content. 

If you're lucky enough to be a Canadian player, check out the first Rainbow Six Mobile lite-season, Operation Fallen Sakura, right now! If not, stay tuned for when Ubisoft releases the Soft Launch in your region!


Rainbow Six Mobile Soft Launch Is Now Live
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