Trainwreck Planning to Create Streaming Platform to Surpass Twitch

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Trainwreck Planning to Create Streaming Platform to Surpass Twitch

Better days may be ahead for aspiring streamers. That is, provided you're on the train before it leaves the station.

A New Twitch Rival On The Horizon?

Streamer Trainwreck has spent the past few months in the news primarily due to the controversy of gambling on Twitch. Whether it was him weighing in on the Sliker scamming scandal or his recent tweet announcing he would be bringing his gambling streams back to Twitch (Despite the platform enacting harsher rules on gambling on their platform back in September). Gambling and Trainwreck are like two peas in a pod. And if you've ever seen his gambling winnings, you really can't blame him. If anyone could qualify to be Joey Wheeler in real life, it's this guy. 

But it looks like Trainwreck will be making a lot of noise online for an entirely different reason, and one that may give Twitch reason to worry. 

Last month, Trainwreck mentioned that he planned to create a streaming platform focused on helping small-mid-size creators. We're about to enter December, and Trainwreck has doubled down on these plans. On November 28, Trainwreck stated he would give a full update on the platform's progress in a day or two (Meaning we should hear an update today or tomorrow). But he didn't waste time dropping a couple of atomic bombs. 

Trainwreck announced that his streaming platform is going to have a partnered creator sub-split of 95% creator and 5% company. That's far better than Twitch, which takes a 50% cut. Tony Soprano probably wouldn't even take that much. 

Trainwreck went into further details as followers asked questions. His platform will have the same partner requirements as Twitch, and those already partnered will automatically receive a partnership on his platform.

Viewers also have something to look forward to with Trainwreck's platform, as he has revealed there will be no viewer upcharges. There will be an equivalent to bits, and if you want to donate $100 to your favorite creator, then you'll spend $100 and only $100. 

Healthy Competition Is Needed

Twitch is unquestionably the juggernaut of streaming. No other platform comes close. 

But Twitch is far from perfect. With seemingly arbitrary rules that Twitch doesn't seem to apply equally, little to no support for up-and-coming streamers, questionable content too readily available to children, and more, Twitch's list of cons is almost equal to its pros. 

In recent years, many massive streamers have left Twitch behind for good. YouTube has been looking to increase its presence in the streaming scene (Especially gaming). YouTube has spent the past few years signing numerous streamers to exclusive YouTube Gaming contracts like DrLupoMyth, and TimTheTatMan

But YouTube isn't all crystal and clover, either. With similarly confusing and inconsistent rules that'll make your head scratch and an algorithm more fickle than Alan Harper deciding what to wear on a date, YouTube isn't the healthy competition Twitch, streamers, and viewers need. Could Trainwreck be the one to fill the void? The opportunity is ripe for the taking, and based on what he's said so far, there are plenty of reasons to hop aboard this locomotive when it leaves the station.

But Can It Work?

There's a saying: If it's too good to be true, it probably is. And while I would love for Trainwreck's streaming platform endeavor to be a smashing success, there is understandable skepticism. 

The biggest concern stems from the 95/5% split. While that would be a massive win for streamers, it sounds impossible for a platform to run with a split that heavily in streamers' favor.

Trainwreck estimates a launch within 3-6 months, and I'm hoping for the best. Most of my favorite YouTubers and streamers have less than 5K subscribers/followers. Countless top-tier streamers go years without the recognition they deserve. If Trainwreck can help these guys and gals earn some spotlight, then I'm all for it.

Trainwreck Planning to Create Streaming Platform to Surpass Twitch
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