Ludwig and xQc Pay Back Sliker Scam Victims

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Ludwig and xQc Pay Back Sliker Scam Victims

Ludwig and xQc are paying back those caught up in the Sliker scam, but it's raised bigger questions about gambling on Twitch.

Earlier this week, the growing controversy around Sliker came to a head. The streamer admitted to scamming thousands of dollars to help sustain his gambling addiction and debts. The scam has left a lot of people feeling a bit used by the streamer. There is some bright news though. It’s been announced that Ludwig and xQc are going to pay back the money. They’ll be trying to make sure that everyone who got taken in by the streamer gets their money back, seemingly just out of kindness. This is everything that’s happened:

Sliker Scams Money for Gambling

Accusations around Sliker were swirling for quite a while before things came to a head. It really all came out last week. That’s when Clicker confessed to everything. He said he had lied to many people to borrow massive amounts of money to feed a gambling addiction. Although, Sliker has been apologetic and said he was a victim too.

The streamer said he essentially gambled all of his Twitch money. When he would inevitably run out, he’d turn to other streamers, Sliker said “I would come across streamers and ask them if I could borrow money. I wouldn’t give them the reason obviously. Because it was gambling, I would lie to them.”

Some streamers who were taken in by Sliker have come out with the messages from the streamer. In some, he claims to need the money for various serious debts. Not to gamble with. Despite that, he said he “never intended in scamming anyone”.

Some streamers have weighed in to clarify things about the Sliker scam. Namely, that it wasn’t directly related to gambling streams. Such as Trainwreck. While losing 100k to Sliker, he’s been vocal that Sliker was sports gambling.


Ludwig and xQc to Pay Back Sliker Scam Victims

xQc and Ludwig pay back Sliker Scam

With pressure building on the Sliker scam situation, two streamers seem to have stepped up. Ludwig and xQc have said that they will be paying back all of the victims. They’ve specified that this might take some time, but they’ll be trying to reimburse everyone who lost money to Sliker. That’s on top of Sliker still claiming he’ll be trying to repay his debts himself eventually. It isn’t clear if Ludwig and xQc were also victims.

The issue comes at a thorny time for xQc in general. He's no stranger to controversy in general. While he’s currently going through some personal drama after a public break-up, he’s no stranger to gambling streams on Twitch. The streamer has had controversy. Sponsored gambling streams featuring the player had massive viewer numbers. He was sponsored to host particular streams, resulting in hundreds of millions gambling using his sign-up.

Gambling on Twitch Becoming a High-Profile Problem

The recent Sliker controversy has brought more attention to the topic of gambling on Twitch. Pretty big streamers have weighed in and suggested there shouldn’t be a place for gambling streams.


The current Sliker controversy isn’t directly related to sponsored gambling streams. As some have pointed out. However, it raises questions about the causal relationship between gambling and streaming and is a good example of how a problem can develop when gambling is taken seriously.

Ludwig and xQc Pay Back Sliker Scam Victims
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