Myth jumps Twitch Ship and Joins YouTube

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Myth jumps Twitch Ship and Joins YouTube

The man, the myth, Ali “Myth” Kabbani, will now be streaming full-time on YouTube.

After seven long years as one of the most prolific gaming streamers on Twitch, Myth has inked an exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming. He initially revealed the move in a short Twitter clip but has since uploaded a 10-minute VOD on YouTube, further explaining his decision.

“It was an amount that would've been stupid for me to turn down IMO for where I am in my life,” Kabbani explained. He did not disclose how much YouTube is paying him, but we can assume it was significant.

Myth didn't go into specifics, but he did reveal that his new contract with YouTube Gaming does have a minimum monthly streaming hour ceiling that Myth has to hit. But Myth is confident he will go well over the minimum. And that makes sense, especially given the vibes he gave off in his debut YouTube Gaming stream.

More Than Just A Streamer

As Myth described how he quickly hit it off with the YouTube Gaming team, he went into detail on how he felt they had a genuine investment in his vision as a content creator. 

“I feel like I'm entering this point in my life where I want to take things a little more seriously. I wanna start putting in a little more effort into content creation, in general.” Myth went on. 

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Myth revealed that he consulted with several friends who are also big-name YouTube content creators as he contemplated the decision over several days. Each encouraged him to take the leap, stating that YouTube is the perfect platform for him to shine as his own person and as a content creator. 

The move to YouTube is Myth's second major career decision in the past half year, announcing his departure from TSM in December. Stagnation in content creation partly played a role in his leaving TSM as Myth felt something was lacking on both sides. 

It seems like Myth wants to recreate himself as a unique personality in the gaming space and create things he geuinely wants to make. With YouTube being a more well-rounded platform for a content creator than streaming-focused Twitch, it seems logical to make the transition. He also has an established following, so rebuilding his presence on a new platform doesn't seem as daunting a challenge.

While Myth revealed that he has several exciting content ideas he's working on, he didn't go into specifics. The former Fortnite pro has mostly streamed Valorant in recent months, but only Myth knows where he'll go from here.

Myth's new legend starts now.

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Myth jumps Twitch Ship and Joins YouTube
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