Top Valorant Streamers Embark On Race To Radiant For Charitable Cause

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Top Valorant Streamers Embark On Race To Radiant For Charitable Cause

Popular Valorant streamers go head-to-head in a race to Radiant, vying to raise funds for charity

Renowned Valorant streamers Connor “Prod” Moran and Will “willius” Hu have announced their participation in a race to achieve the highest Valorant rank, Radiant. However, this race comes with a unique twist: the victor will determine a charitable cause to which the defeated streamer must make a donation.

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Credit: NRG willius

The content creator of NRG Esports, willius, took to Twitter to reveal the challenge. According to the announcement, they have to hit radiant before the act draws to a close. In the event that none of them manages to make it, the participant who comes closest will be deemed the winner.

The latest act of Valorant marks the beginning of Episode 7, which was launched on June 27, 2023, and is scheduled to conclude in early September. This provides the two Valorant streamers with approximately a two-month timeframe to achieve their objective.

Both Prod and willius are prominent figures within the streaming community, boasting impressive Twitch followings in the six-figure range. Prod is renowned for his unorthodox approach to the game. Although he has attained the prestigious Radiant rank on multiple occasions in the past, the former content creator of The Guard has been facing difficulties in reaching that rank in recent times. On the other hand, Willius, the 19-year-old American, has yet to achieve the highest rank in Valorant. His peak rank thus far is Immortal, which he hit during the last act.

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