Top 5 Players of VCT 2023 Americas Halfway Through the Event

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Top 5 Players of VCT 2023 Americas Halfway Through the Event

Flex players predominantly constitute the top 5 player rankings in the VCT 2023 Americas

With the completion of the super week, we have now reached the midpoint of the VCT 2023 Americas League. Thanks to the dominant performance from aspas and his teammates, LOUD currently top the standings with five wins and no losses. But it is not just the 2022 VCT Champions winners that displayed awe-inspiring performances. Here are the top 5 players who stood out from the rest in the league stage of VCT Americas so far:

5. Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen

Jimmy "Marved" Nguyen

Credit: Riot Games

  • Role: Controller
  • VLR Rating: 1.24
  • Average Combat Score (ACS): 249.4
  • Kill-Death Ratio: 1.33
  • Kill/Assist/Survided/Traded: 75%
  • Average Damage Per Round: 161.5
  • Headshot Percentage: 33%


Despite only participating in two matches in the league stage for Sentinels, Marved's performance in those limited appearances was compelling enough to warrant his inclusion on the list. Coming in as a substitute for Tenz, Marved immediately showed his level in the match against the Brazilian powerhouse, LOUD. After another MVP-worthy performance against MIBR, the Canadian permanently cemented his place on the team. Sentinels have announced that they will go forward with Marved on the playing 5 for the rest of the league stage.

4. Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk

Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk

Credit: 100 Thieves

  • Role: Flex
  • VLR Rating: 1.09
  • Average Combat Score (ACS): 218.3
  • Kill-Death Ratio: 1.05
  • Kill/Assist/Survided/Traded: 73%
  • Average Damage Per Round: 144.2
  • Headshot Percentage: 19%

From being the primary duelist of the team to becoming one of the best flex players in the region, Asuna’s transition to a new role was impressive, to say the least. 100 Thieves, with their current squad, massively benefited from this role swap, allowing every other member to play the agents they are comfortable with. The 19-year-old has already played six agents so far in the league stage while putting up a solid performance every time he gets on the server.

3. Francisco “kiNgg” Aravena

Francisco "kiNgg" Aravena

Credit: Riot Games

  • Role: Flex
  • VLR Rating: 1.21
  • Average Combat Score (ACS): 215.5
  • Kill-Death Ratio: 1.24
  • Kill/Assist/Survided/Traded: 79%
  • Average Damage Per Round: 140.2
  • Headshot Percentage: 29%


kiNgg is another flex player whose consistent display of skills has earned him a spot on the list. kiNgg has been a part of the Leviatán roster since late 2021. The 21-year-old has since become the backbone of the Chilean team. He was instrumental in Leviatan’s deep run in the LOCK//IN event. And now, in the ongoing VCT 2023 Americas League, he is once again catching the eyes of the fans and the experts for his insane mechanics and clutch potential.

2. Nathan “leaf” Orf

Nathan "leaf" Orf

Credit: Riot Games

  • Role: Duelist
  • VLR Rating: 1.16
  • Average Combat Score (ACS): 250.5
  • Kill-Death Ratio: 1.22
  • Kill/Assist/Survided/Traded: 73%
  • Average Damage Per Round: 163.1
  • Headshot Percentage: 22%


leaf started the season as a flex player focusing mainly on the initiator and sentinel roles. However, with the departure of Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker from Cloud9, leaf shifted to the primary duelist role of the team. This role shift has seemingly brought wonders for C9. Any doubts concerning Leaf's ability to step into the shoes of yay, arguably the best player in the world, have been dispelled by his outstanding performance in every match he has played during the league stage. His contributions have played a significant role in propelling his team to secure the second spot in the standings after the fifth week.

1. Erick “aspas” Santos

Erick "aspas" Santos

Credit: Riot Games

  • Role: Duelist
  • VLR Rating: 1.29
  • Average Combat Score (ACS): 261.7
  • Kill-Death Ratio: 1.6
  • Kill/Assist/Survided/Traded: 80%
  • Average Damage Per Round: 166.7
  • Headshot Percentage: 25%


We have all experienced a “demon Jett” smurfing in our ranked lobby. Now imagine the same level of dominance but in the highest stage of competitive Valorant. LOUD aspas is a menace and probably the most terrifying player to play against. His aggressive playstyle and otherworldly aim with the OP have rightly branded him the best Jett in the world. In terms of stats and impact as a Duelist, no one other than Derke comes even close to the Brazillian. The 19-year-old currently tops the leaderboard in all the relevant stats, including ACS, ADR, K/D, etc. Thanks to his performance, LOUD are currently unbeaten in the league stage and at the top of the standings.


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Top 5 Players of VCT 2023 Americas Halfway Through the Event
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