Top 5 Female Valorant Streamers You Should Follow in 2023

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Top 5 Female Valorant Streamers You Should Follow in 2023

Follow these talented female Valorant streamers for an epic gaming experience

Riot Games stepped foot in the Tactical FPS genre with their magnum-opus, Valorant, in 2020. Bursting onto the scene, the latest Tac Shooter captured the attention of gamers worldwide, as evidenced by the record amount of viewership on the popular streaming platform, Twitch. Even three years after its release, Valorant continues to be immensely popular across the globe. According to the data from SullyGnome, Valorant has been the 3rd most-watched game on Twitch for the past year, with an average viewership of 129,378.

Following Valorant’s highly anticipated release, it was picked up by numerous prominent internet personalities. These include figures from various backgrounds, ranging from former professional players in other games, such as summit1g and Shroud, to notable variety streamers, like xQc and Ludwig.

While every game has its share of popular streamers, what makes Valorant stand out from the other FPS’ is the presence and success of female streamers, who thrive and achieve exceptional viewership numbers. This phenomenon extends beyond female streamers who were already established figures prior to the game's release. Several women have gained recognition and built a substantial following solely through their dedication to playing Valorant on Twitch.

If you want to know more about women in Valorant, here are the top 5 Female Valorant streamers you should follow in 2023:


afkgaming 2021 09 fc1a94b7 e516 4f46 bc72 1bfc42612d5a Kyedae

Credit: 100 Thieves

  • Full Name: Kyedae Alicia Shymko
  • Streaming Platform: Twitch
  • Total Followers: 2.44 Million
  • Average Views Per Stream: 11,198
  • Peak Viewers: 107,583

From being known as Tenz’s girlfriend to becoming the Valorant Streamer of the Year, Kyedae’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. The Japanese-Canadian teenager's introduction to the streaming scene came through the streams of her boyfriend. She then went on to create her own channel on Twitch and became a regular.

With Tenz becoming the face of NA Valorant in the game's early stages, his streams garnered tremendous exposure. As a result, Kyedae’s channel experienced a substantial surge in terms of viewership. However, while the viewers may have come to her channel through Tenz, they stayed for her entertaining and captivating persona.

Kyedae started her streaming journey, trying to learn to play Valorant. While she often produces other content with activities like cooking streams or vlogs, her focus for the past three years has predominantly revolved around playing Valorant or hosting watch parties of official events.

From trying to find her way in the server as a Silver to reaching Immortal 3, Kyedae has come a long way since she started her journey. Even in 2023, she continues to boast significant viewership numbers that position her among the top 5 Valorant streamers in terms of popularity.



Credit: Riot Games

  • Full Name: Melanie Capone
  • Streaming Platform: Twitch
  • Total Followers: 80,700
  • Average Views Per Stream: 369
  • Peak Viewers: 15,991

meLanji is widely known as one of the best female Valorant players currently. However, her streaming career is no less impressive.

Switching from Counter-Strike to Valorant, meL found immediate success. With the super all-female squad of Cloud9 White, meL and Co dominated the GC scene for two seasons straight. It was during that period that her streaming career kick-started. Her dominance in the game-changers scene was to such an extent that many pros and fans considered her a contender for the Tier-1 North American teams. With such praise, she became an inspiring figure among female gamers.

meL’s success in the official events made her a popular figure in the community, leading to a surge in viewership on her streams, which are both entertaining and insightful. Along with regular ranked games, the 23-year-old hosts watch parties where she does detailed analysis of the games. Currently playing for Version1, Melanie Capone continues performing well in her competitive and streaming career. 



Credit: V1

  • Full Name: Katarina
  • Streaming Platform: Twitch
  • Total Followers: 151,000
  • Average Views Per Stream: 1,202
  • Peak Viewers: 9,030

Similar to meL, Katarina made her name in the streaming scene through her success in the Game Changers events. While she did not achieve much with VersionX, her individual performance was enough to make her famous in the community.

Katarina’s Twitch channel saw the most growth during the late stages of 2022. She regularly duo-queued with professional players like Zellsis and trent and put on highlight plays that helped draw more traffic into her stream. Other than her exceptional gaming skills, it was the Valorant streamer's engaging personality that resulted in retaining the massive amount of followers she gained.

Despite the success, the 22-year-old took a four-month hiatus at the beginning of 2023. During this break, she stepped away from streaming and announced her departure from Version1, where she had already been inactive. However, she returned to streaming in May 2023.  Despite the extended break, Katarina found herself enjoying a similar level of viewership upon her return.



Credit: Pokimane

  • Full Name: Imane Anys
  • Streaming Platform: Twitch
  • Total Followers: 9.33 Million
  • Average Views Per Stream: 14,133
  • Peak Viewers: 138,482

If you are even slightly familiar with the Twitch scene, you have heard about Pokimane. The Moroccan-Canadian is a household name in the streaming community and is one of the biggest streamers ever, with a follower count of over nine million.

While Pokimane was already a massively popular name before the release of Valorant, she became a regular face in the Valorant category on Twitch post-2020. In the past year only, she has streamed Valorant for 282 hours, which is 55% of her overall streaming time.

Poki plays the game much more casually than the other people on this list. But do not let it make you think the 27-year-old is a rookie at the game. She maintains a diamond/ascendant rank, with her peak rank being immortal, which she hit solo-queuing only.


Female Valorant Streamer

Credit: QuarterJade

  • Full Name: Jodi Lee
  • Streaming Platform: Twitch
  • Total Followers: 1.1 Million
  • Average Views Per Stream: 3,472
  • Peak Viewers: 37,287

Another variety streamer on this list, QuarterJade, started her streaming career in 2017. She caught her break on Twitch before Valorant’s launch, streaming games such as League of Legends, PUBG, and Minecraft. However, since the release of Valorant, it has been her go-to game to stream.

Thanks to the over 1300 hours of gameplay, Jodi has become extremely good at the game. She has hit the peak rank of Valorant multiple times and has even gone pro. The OfflineTv member teamed up with Kyedae and other content creators to play in the VCT 2023: GC Open Qualifier. Playing under the banner of Disguided, they attracted massive attention to that event.

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Top 5 Female Valorant Streamers You Should Follow in 2023
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