Top 3 Skins Celebrating Epic CS:GO Moments From the New CS20 Case

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Top 3 Skins Celebrating Epic CS:GO Moments From the New CS20 Case

One Counterstrike Global Offensive Anniversary Case. Two historic Counterstrike moments. One flashbang dance.

Yesterday, Valve released the 20th Anniversary Weapons Case to the Counterstrike: Global Offensive community and with it came some great skins emblazoned with some of CS:GO's most iconic moments. While the case itself if full pretty flashy looking skins, there are two in particular that really caught our eye due to the sneaky beaky easter eggs sprayed all over them, and the third one is all in good fun. Without further ado, here are the top three skins the CSGO's 20th Anniversary Case.

P-250 | Inferno


The P-250 | Inferno is a fantastically done skin that shows off the real spirit of every single version of CS:GO's iconic Inferno. From the Inferno of old back in CS 1.6 all the way to its most recent iteration, the skin is right at home in any collection. There's a little something hidden there for those observant enough, however…

The B-site sign hidden on the P-250 Inferno harkens back to a truly legendary CS:GO moment, the first and so far only North American winners of a Counterstrike Major. That “B” could very well represent the famously perfect Jake “Stewie2k” Yip AWP hold to send Cloud9 to overtime on a decider Inferno at the ELEAGUE Boston Major. Off the back of Yip's insanely calm hold, Cloud9 made the improbable comeback from and 11-15 score sent Cloud9 into both overtime and the Counterstrike history books.

After overtime began, Cloud9 never looked back and secured North America's first Major victory since the sport's inception. Since that moment, NA CS:GO fans still have been waiting for another successful run from an American team at a Major. Caster James Bardolph also makes a sneaky appearance in the flavor text of the weapon, repeating the “but look at the time!” call he frantically made as FaZe Clan stumbled in Yip with mere seconds on the timer, sealing their own doom.

In fact, if you or a friend wants to own your own piece of Yip's history-making win, it won't even break the bank. The P-250 Inferno is currently priced at $2.12 USD Factory New and a super-cheap $7.69 USD StatTrak Factory New.

Glock-18 | Sacrifice

You can't talk about Overpass and not talk about Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer and his absolutely massive defuse during ESL One Cologne 2014. If you're new to Counterstrike, or if you're one of the seven people who haven't see this clip, check it out below. Kajbjer not only sticks a full 10-second defuse, but does so while literally burning alive. In addition to this honorary Glock-18 | Sacrifice, Kjajber is still the proud owner of his own graffiti over the bomb site where he made the famous play.

By the way (just in case you were wondering), the time between Kajbjer defusing the bomb and him dying to the Molotov was only 563ms. Just a little over a half a second separated a 15-14 Fnatic lead from a 15-14 Team Dignitas lead. It's even fair to say that Kajbjer's play changed the entire outcome of the tournament. Fnatic would eventually lose in the Grand Final of ESL One Cologne 2014 against the then-unstoppable Ninjas in Pyjamas, but if anyone deserves a graffiti and a skin, it's Olofmeister.

Despite Kajbjer's play taking place on the CT side, Valve has decided to toss this awesome skin on the T-side restricted Glock instead of a P2000 or USP-S. We've got a sneaky suspicion that Valve might have Overpass next on the chopping block to make room for the reworked Cache. If that's the case, it would make sense for Valve to keep one of Counterstrike's most famous plays living on in case the Overpass grafitti goes away. Probably the craziest part of this skin is that Valve classified the Glock-18 | Sacrifice as a Mil-Spec skin, meaning that it currently costs around $2.20 USD on the Steam Market.

Tec-9 | Flash Out

Look, the Tec-9 | Flash Out isn't a great skin, but that doesn't mean that some of our favorite North American players can't have some fun with it. Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert has made a career out of buying grenades, and none more so than the humble flashbang. While this isn't (TEC)nically an esports related moment, (although the flavor text encourages owners with a “RE: dance lessons with Jordan”) it also doesn't need too much explanation. Fans should just sit back, watch the Dad of North American Counterstrike bust out the moves, and then cry when they remember only Timothy “autimatic” Ta is left in blue.

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