Top 10 Items: The International 2023 Meta Analysis

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Top 10 Items: The International 2023 Meta Analysis

Here are the game-changing items that have defined the games of TI12 listed and explained in this The International 2023 Meta Analysis

The International 2023 finally drew to a close after three weekends of breathtaking Dota 2 action, with Team Spirit claiming their second Aegis of The Immortal. Four of the five Team Spirit players (except Larl) have joined the most esteemed list of Dota 2 legends, becoming the only two-time TI winners after the fabled OG lineup. In the heart-pounding arena of The International 2023, the elite Dota 2 teams from around the world battled for supremacy. During TI, the Heroes were seen wielding a vast arsenal of items. In this article, we will be counting down the 10 items that shaped the meta of this enthralling International.

Top 10 Items – The International 2023 Meta Analysis

Let’s dive straight into our picks for the top 10 items of The International 2023 –

10. Force Staff

Force Staff has consistently been one of the most underrated items in Dota 2. Only in recent times have players truly realized just how versatile and impactful this item is in just about every game. In this TI, we saw a bundle of Force Staff purchases from supports and cores alike. For twenty-two hundred Gold, the item simply offers way too much in terms of both defense and offense. The repositioning aspect is amazing for bailing an ally out of a sticky situation or helping them get into proper positions for using their spells and items alike.

9. Shadow Blade

Next up on our list there is Shadow Blade. The item has been on the periphery when analyzing the professional circuit, mostly just because players are really good in the vision-game, and the item fails to offer the same utility there.

However, the item has been on the rise in recent patches, especially since the map was enlarged. There are a lot more areas to sneak around on the map, and it is difficult to cover all the areas with vision. As a result, we saw a ton of Shadow Blade purchases in this TI, with players using the invisibility to great effect.

8. Refresher Orb

Traditionally, Refresher was only purchased on Heroes with overwhelmingly powerful Area of Effect (AoE) spells, such as Magnus, Enigma, Earthshaker, etc. In recent patches, however, players have found more versatile uses for the item, which led to a lot of Refresher purchases at TI12. Furthermore, we saw Refresher Orb being purchased on many Heroes we had never found plausible before. In addition to being a late-game luxury purchase for Heroes, we saw players purchasing Refresher simply for double Black King Bar (BKB), Blink Dagger, and Shadow Blade uses. The item’s usage was redefined by the likes of Yatoro and others during this year’s TI.

7. Desolator

When wanting a cheap item to boost their damage output, players opted to buy Deso during The International 12. The item was picked up quite early by a lot of Heroes such as Dawnbreaker, Weaver, Templar Assassin, etc. The bonus damage from killing Heroes also boosted the item’s popularity, and we saw snowball-reliant drafts always having a Deso on one of their cores. The item also helped out a lot when wanting to claim Tormentor or Roshan kills, further cementing a commanding place for it in the TI meta.

6. Manta Style

At number 6, we have Manta Style. Manta was traditionally only bought on particular Agility carries. These days, however, the item is being built on many Heroes outside of this archetype. During TI, we saw Manta on Heroes like Snapfire, Puck, Void Spirit, etc., something which was unthinkable before. The addition of Universal Heroes resulted in a meteoric rise in the number of Manta purchases. The instant dispels, and good stats have propelled the item to a higher standing in the current meta, which was quite evident during this edition of The International.

5. Heart Of Tarrasque

Starting off our top 5, we have Heart of Tarrasque. Here is another item that has been on a steep climb since the 7.34 patch. Heart of Tarrasque came into the limelight after the changes to BKB. Some Heroes such as Centaur Warrunner, Earth Spirit, and the like were even buying 2nd item, Heart, such is the power of it in this patch. The trend was carried to the stage of The International 2023, where we saw a ton of Hearts being built and used to great effect.

4. Octarine Core

Coming in at number 4, is another item that rose to prominence in recent patches. Octarine Core underwent quite a few mechanical changes as well as alterations in its build-up. After Aether Lens was no longer a component and the bonus Cast Range was taken away, the item’s popularity took a hit. However, the item climbed back into the meta during The International 2023. This was one of the defining items of the meta, and players used the cooldown reduction on Heroes like Spirit Breaker to break the game.

3. Blade Mail

Starting off our top 3, Blade Mail has been the defining item of the current meta. The item had received buffs in the last few patches and had been tweaked slightly, all of which came into the limelight just before TI12. With Magic Immunity being nerfed and changed, it left players looking for other ways of damage mitigation, and that’s where items like Blade Mail really shone.

Blaid Mail remained a stalwart in the current meta, with the item being purchased by many Heroes, even Heroes who did not build the item previously. Blade Mail is an item that fans will remember when looking back at TI 12 sometime in the future.

2. Silver Edge

At number two, we have Silver Edge. Although we already spoke about Shadow Blade being a meta-defining item, we believe that if we’re talking about TI12, Silver Edge needs a separate mention. With the meta including tanky Heroes with Hearts and Blade Mails, players naturally went to Silver Edge as a countermeasure. Silver Edge is another amazingly versatile item, which gives Heroes invisibility to sneak around and pick their engagement, as well as the damage to try and chew through these tanky cores. All of these factors made the item deserving of our number two spot.

1. Hand Of Midas

Coming in at number one, the meta-defining item of TI12, we have Hand of Midas. With the increased charges and ease of use combined with the slower pace of the game, Midas became the most potent item of the patch. From cores to supports, the item was built by players every chance they got. We got to see two to three Hand of Midas pickups in every game. The item allowed players to milk the larger map even further and play for their timings. This was the defining trend of the TI12 meta, making Midas deserving of the top spot.

Final Thoughts

The biggest esports event of the year drew to a close with the amazing Grand Finals on Sunday. Until the next patch updates, be sure to abuse the broken items of the meta. Stay tuned for more!

Top 10 Items: The International 2023 Meta Analysis
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