TL, NRG, T1 Reload Rosters For Last Chance At Masters

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TL, NRG, T1 Reload Rosters For Last Chance At Masters

Three teams are making last-minute changes to their rosters.

As the first leg of the Valorant Champions Tour moves into its final qualification tournament, many teams are already revamping their rosters to make a last-second push for the event. Some teams are happy with the current iteration of their rosters, while some are in the market for a drastic shift in terms of firepower or the in-game calling for their team.

Team Liquid and Jamppi

The blue horses have been underperforming as of late and are one of the only high-ranked European teams that have not qualified into the first Masters tournament. Rumors have been swirling for months at this point about roster changes, but it seems those whispers have finally come to fruition.

Team Liquid has announced that Adam “ec1s” Eccles has been moved to the bench. And according to reports, Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen will be set to replace him. The Finnish sniper had achieved everything he could in Valve’s title due to his ban from major tournaments and announced earlier this year that he would be making the switch to Valorant.

This change is an obvious improvement on an individual level and may be what the squad needs to make a final push towards a qualification berth.


NRG has had a rough first leg of the VCT. The team barely missed out on Challengers Two, losing out to Bradley “ANDROID” Fodor’s former team, and was almost immediately knocked out in Challengers One.

While the squad has always been on the verge of breaking into tier-one competition, both in tournaments and in the rankings, NRG has always failed to overcome teams considered better than them. ANDROID may be the change that this roster needs to break into the upper echelon of North American competition.

The Canadian duelist was a big part of AndBox’s early success and could help NRG over the hump to at least compete for a Masters tournament slot.

T1 finalize curry

From a quarterfinals appearance in First Strike to failing to qualify for any Challenger events so far, T1 has fallen far from its prestigious status in the game’s early beta. After losing its early stars in Braxton “brax” Pierce and Keven “AZK” Larivière, and even before, the team was struggling to make a dent in the qualification process.

Now T1 is in the same boat as other early Valorant teams like Cloud9 and TSM, on the outside looking in for Masters qualification. The organization is looking to break that disappointing streak by adding Rahul “curry” Nemani to the roster full time.

The former MDL star was one of the more promising players from the tier two Counter-Strike scene. As such, he should add some much-needed balance to this iteration of T1. While the ceiling for this team does seem to be lower than some other tenured North American squads, this change may be enough to stop the team from bowing out early in the qualification process.

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