Thorin Lays Out Five-Step Formula For Rebuilding NAVI

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Thorin Lays Out Five-Step Formula For Rebuilding NAVI

Prominent CSGO analyst Thorin has his own vision of the great Natus Vincere rebuild

It's time for a NAVI makeover. Duncan Thorin Shields, the famous CSGO analyst, has formulated a five-step plan that he believes would restore Natus Vincere’s glory days. The Esports Historian has emphasized finding a stronger leadership figure for the team and also feels the side should part ways with Andriy “npl” Kuharsk.

The 40-year-old made the comments when he joined Last Free Nation’s Paris Major 2023 watch-along party for FaZe vs NAVI. 

After a disappointing loss to Monte in the Paris Major 2023 Legends Stage, NAVI's roster has come under scrutiny, with various suggestions circulating online on how to reinforce the team. Prior to this setback, Denis “electroNic” Sharypov's lineup suffered defeat at the hands of Team Liquid. Their fate hung in the balance as they took the stage in a do-or-die match against FaZe. They knew a loss against their American arch-rivals would mark their exit from the tournament but failed to avoid the defeat. 

What Recommendations Did Thorin Make?

Thorin, however, identified the team’s shortcomings before the match started. Here are the recommendations he made: 

  • Release npl
  • Relieve electroNic of his in-game leadership duties
  • Assign roles to b1t that he feels comfortable playing in 
  • Appoint an in-game leader who has more experience 
  • Sign an “intense shooter”

npl’s numbers have not been great since he joined the team in 2022. The 17-year-old rifer has a 0.99 rating, averages 0.67 deaths per round, and 69.5% KAST. These numbers are widely considered to be average. His impact rating (0.95), ADR (69.8), and KPR (0.62) stats are below acceptable levels for a team of NAVI’s stature. The PGL Major Stockholm 2021 champions can use more firepower in that department. 

electroNic took over the IGL role ahead of Natus Vincere’s BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022 campaign. The team won the competition under him but they could not make it to another Grand Final of an S-tier event since then. At times, NAVI cut a disorganized unit under the 24-year-old. Someone more experienced calling the shots could lead to an overall improvement in performance. 

Natus Vincere have been using Valerij “b1t” Vakhovsjkyj as an entry fragger lately. While he has done an okay job, he could contribute more to the team playing in his natural AWPer position. Coach Andrij “B1ad3” Ghorodensjkyj should take this into consideration during his post-mortem of NAVI’s underwhelming Paris Major mission. 

Thorin Lays Out Five-Step Formula For Rebuilding NAVI
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