TheChosenOne Chooses Top 3 Position 4 Heroes

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TheChosenOne Chooses Top 3 Position 4 Heroes

Entity analyst Aliaksei “TheChosenOne” Karanevich drops his top three position 4 hero picks 

The support role in Dota 2 is an ever-evolving landscape, demanding adaptability and versatility. The position 4 support in Dota 2 is often likened to a shadow, lurking in the background but ready to strike at a moment's notice. To guide players seeking to excel in this critical position, Aliaksei “TheChosenOne” Karanevich, analyst for DPC WEU side Entity, has meticulously analyzed the heroes that shine the brightest in the hands of skilled position 4 players. Through a comprehensive examination of hero synergies, laning presence, and mid-to-late-game impact, TheChosenOne has identified the cream of the crop and shared his findings on Telegram. 

“Today, I would like to share my insights on three heroes in the position 4 who thrive in the current meta, excelling in both regular games and the professional scene. We will talk about Shadow Demon, Keeper of the Light, and Phoenix. First and foremost, let's explore why the current meta favors these heroes and what similarities they share in terms of gameplay.”

Comfortable Laning Stage

“These heroes excel during the laning stage, as they are challenging to kill, while also posing a significant threat to opponents from their third level onwards. It is not necessary to block the small camp of neutral creeps when playing these heroes, as they can efficiently farm it themselves. Moreover, they have the ability to clear large camps quickly and prevent opponents from interfering, or even secure kills against them with ease.”

Great Potential For Stacks And Superior Rune Control

“These three heroes I have chosen stand out due to their great potential for stacking and rune control, providing valuable experience. Since the removal of the experience book from the game, the dynamics of the first 10 minutes have shifted. Supports now prioritize gaining more experience from the 1/3 position on the lane to reach level 6 by the tenth minute, ensuring their impact in the game.”

“What sets these heroes apart is that often the offlaner can sustain themselves without requiring our assistance from the 3rd minute onward. This allows us to focus on stacking creep camps with our chosen trio. Every odd minute, we stack camps and assist our mid laner in securing the rune. At 6:50, we stack again and control the experience rune, which becomes nearly impossible for our opponents to contest against our 1×1 heroes.”

“The distinctive feature of these three heroes compared to other stacking position 4 heroes is their ability to effectively utilize their abilities to stack three camps simultaneously each minute. Furthermore, if our cores are unable or unwilling to farm these early stacks and free up a lane for us to gain experience and gold, we can easily clear these stacks ourselves. By doing so, we guarantee ourselves a high level, ample resources, and early neutral items that benefit the entire team.”

Standout Shards

“These heroes possess some of the most powerful shards in the game. Acquiring the tormenter shard at the 20-minute mark provides a significant boost to your team's capabilities. If you haven't obtained the shard from the tormenter but feel the necessity for it, you are encouraged to purchase it yourself without hesitation.”

Great Saving And Healing Abilities

“I value their saving and healing abilities, which makes them highly valuable in team fights. They also excel at both initiating and defending towers and the base. Additionally, they have strong farming capabilities, which is crucial in the current meta where games tend to last longer. Items such as Glimmer Cape, Pavise, and Lotus Orb are highly effective on these heroes, providing them with durability and utility, making them difficult to kill and incredibly useful for the team. It is, however, important to note that Shadow Demon should avoid purchasing Scythe of Vyse, as it is not recommended for him.”

A Nightmare For Opposition Carries 

“They can cause significant problems for the enemy carry while making it easier for our own carry to thrive. Most carry heroes dread facing the ultimate ability of Shadow Demon combined with his first skill. Additionally, with the shard, we can remove all negative effects from our carry while also creating powerful illusions. This puts immense pressure on the opposing carry and forces them to consider items like Monkey King Bar (MKB) or Black King Bar (BKB) to counter Keeper of the Light (KTL). Meanwhile, your heroes like Terrorblade or Phantom Lancer will greatly appreciate the reduced cooldowns and healing provided by KTL.”

“When Phoenix's ultimate, Supernova, is activated during a fight, the enemy is faced with a difficult choice: attempt to destroy the egg, retreat, or engage in a fight while risking being caught off guard. Simultaneously, Phoenix with the shard can heal your carry while dealing damage to enemies. This combination of healing and damage output greatly benefits your carry in team fights.”

Which Items To Target?

“I recommend prioritizing the early purchase of Wind Lace (which can be obtained as a starting item) and Boots of Speed. These items will assist in stacking camps, securing timely rune control, and swiftly returning to the lane. Always ensure to acquire observer and sentry wards at the beginning of the game to deward the large camp and maintain vision over your stacks, as it facilitates easier stacking and enables you to monitor if the opponent attempts to interfere.”

“Regarding survivability, as mentioned earlier, the previously described items are essential because opponents will likely target you first. In specific situations, Aghanim's Scepter is a viable choice for Shadow Demon, providing additional charges for both the ultimate and Shadow Poison, while countering passive abilities.”

“If the enemy team possesses a significant amount of healing, it is advisable to swiftly obtain Spirit Vessel, especially on Keeper of the Light and Phoenix. Additionally, if your offlaner does not acquire aura items, Pipe of Insight or Mekansm can be considered on both Keeper of the Light and Phoenix.”

“Lastly, Solar Crest is a powerful item in the current meta, offering benefits such as Roshan control and a significant buff to your carry. Although it is often built by position 5 support, if they opt for other items, you can also consider acquiring Solar Crest.”

TheChosenOne Chooses Top 3 Position 4 Heroes
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