The Wait Is Over! Paris Major Stickers And Viewer Pass Are Now Available

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The Wait Is Over! Paris Major Stickers And Viewer Pass Are Now Available

Valve released the much-coveted Paris Major 2023 stickers and viewer pass only four days before the tournament begins 

Valve has rolled out an update that includes the highly-anticipated Paris Major team sticker capsules, player autograph stickers, and viewer pass! 

The update also brings back the beloved Pick'Em Challenge, where fans can see if luck is on their side by predicting the outcomes of the Paris Major and winning the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond Coin.

The viewer pass adds an extra layer to your Paris Major 2023 viewing experience. It offers exclusive perks like the Pick'Em challenge, souvenir packages, and team graffiti – all for just $9.49.

The capsules come in three different categories depending on the teams' status at the Major and cost $0.95 each. The categories are Contender, Challenger, and Legend. 

Paris Major 2023 teams will earn 50% of the proceeds from viewer pass and capsule sales. Teams earned $70 million from sticker, capsules, and viewer pass sales during the PGL Majors in Stockholm and Antwerp. 

The Paris Major 2023 begins with the Challengers Stage on May 8 and the Grand Final will take place on May 21. All matches will be held at the Accor Arena in Paris. The Paris Major 2023 will go down in history as the last Major played in CSGO as the next major, which will take place in Copenhagen next year, will feature the new Counter-Strike 2.