The “Underlords” in Dota Underlords Are Finally Revealed

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The “Underlords” in Dota Underlords Are Finally Revealed

Dota Underlords is based on Auto Chess, the record-breaking custom game for Dota 2. That said, there are many new cool things about it that set it apart from the other autobattlers out there. One of them is the “underlords” part of Dota Underlords.

Until now, fans actually had no idea what are those “underlords” were or what they could do with them. Luckily, the developers finally revealed some information about them just days before the launch of “The Big Update”.

The Underlords

Think of Underlords as a type of unique unit which helps you in your fights. Similar to your heroes, the Underlords will have different abilities which they can cast through “Hype”, which is a special resource. Every time there is a loot round, the Underlords will get skills and talents upgrades.

So far we know the name of the first Underlord – Hogben. By the looks of it, he has some sort of a “fire aura” which deals damage and generates hype.

According to Valve, we will have more information about the other Underlords tomorrow. Regardless of when the update goes live, one thing is certain – this game is not going to be the same.

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The “Underlords” in Dota Underlords Are Finally Revealed
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