Overwatch League: San Francisco Shock And Rascal Part Ways

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Overwatch League: San Francisco Shock And Rascal Part Ways

Over the weekend, the San Francisco Shock announced that they will be parting ways with flex DPS player Kim “Rascal” Dong.

The 2019 season was one of tremendous growth for the San Francisco Shock, and a season where Rascal stepped outside of his comfort zone and defined himself. He may have been brought onto the roster as a flex DPS, but when Rascal dabbled in the support role, he took a liking to Baptiste. Rascal’s Baptiste is unmatched by any other support player still to this day. The mutual departure is shocking to most fans, and there is no word yet on where his journey will continue.

Rascal is a versatile player that began his journey competing for KongDoo Panthera during the Apex age of Overwatch in late 2016 and throughout 2017. The young star did well leading up to the Overwatch League’s foundation and was picked up by the London Spitfire in the first year, but after a year, was traded to the Dallas Fuel. He didn’t find success with the Fuel or Spitfire, but the San Francisco Shock saw his potential when he briefly competed for NRG Esports’ now-disbanded Contenders team.

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After winning their second Overwatch League Championship, the Shock have built and defined a groundbreaking Overwatch League roster. At times some players may not see the most playtime, but when they do, each member of their roster is a master at what they do. Now that the 2020 season is over, the San Francisco Shock may be looking to slim down their roster and focus on the core group.

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