The Most Broken Guns of Valorant in 2023

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The Most Broken Guns of Valorant in 2023

Players abusing these guns severely handicap opponent’s tactics in Valorant 2023

If you're a fan of first-person shooter games, you know that the right gun can make all the difference in a match. And while Valorant boasts some unique gameplay elements like abilities, they can't replace the power of a good firearm. That said, many abilities can still be incredibly helpful in certain situations. So, it's worth learning about the best guns in Valorant to give yourself the upper hand in every encounter.

The Most Broken Guns of Valorant in 2023

Best Guns to Abuse in Valorant 2023

If you're a fan of Counter-Strike, you'll find some familiar guns in Valorant. But Valorant’s roster of weapons goes beyond offering stereotypical tactical FPS weapons. Acknowledging certain weapons' perks and understanding their proper application, one can propel well beyond their “Think-inside-the-box” peers. We've ranked the most broken guns based on cost, damage output, accuracy, and versatility in different scenarios. Get ready to dominate with our guide to the top guns in Valorant.

6. Sheriff

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  • Cost – 800 Creds

If you're looking for a gun that can end a gunfight in just one shot, then the Sheriff is the way to go. It's just as good as the Guardian and deals a whopping 159 damage on headshots – that's a guaranteed kill (except for in long range where it does 145 a headshot)! It's a handgun that won't break the bank, costing only 800 Creds. So, if you're looking for a safer option in terms of economy, the Sheriff is the way to go.

But be warned. You only get six bullets per magazine, so don't waste them! And, if you're going up against guns like Spectre or Classic, you're in for a tough fight. However, this gun is optimal if you face enemies on a pistol round since you can kill most enemies with just two body shots. So, ensure you aim carefully and don't let your guard down!


5. Classic

image003 16

Look no further than the Classic if you're looking for a trusty weapon that won't dent your in-game net worth. This bad boy comes by default and won't cost you a penny, yet packs a punch. 

The real kicker is the right-click feature, which unleashes a trio of bullets in a shotgun-like blast. Despite several nerfs and adjustments, this gun feature still strikes fear in enemies' hearts. 

At close range, this gun does 78 damage on the head and 26 on the body. That means the right click, given that at least one shot lands on the head and the other two land on the body, can guarantee a kill on any enemy with half armor. This is perfect for close combat situations and lets you take down multiple foes simultaneously. It may not be flashy, but it gets the job done, and that's what counts.

4. Odin

image004 14

  • Cost – 3200 Creds

The Odin is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to weaponry. Its damage output is through the roof, capable of taking down anyone in its path. However, being an LMG, it takes a lot of work to maneuver around with. Additionally, due to its high rate of fire, its recoil pattern can be tricky to handle. Most players find themselves crouching and using ADS to land their shots, leaving them vulnerable to attacks from other directions. It's a risky move but has great reward potential if you know what you’re doing.

This weapon is a favorite for the clever Sova and Cypher mains. Once you get the enemies scanned, mow them down and permanently leave a remark of your sheer supremacy in the server. 


3. Marshall

image005 11

  • Cost – 950 Creds

The Marshal is your go-to weapon if you're looking for a sniper to take down unarmoured targets in one hit. It's a bolt-action sniper that packs a serious punch, making it the perfect choice for anti-eco rounds. And the best part? You don't even need to land headshots to get the job done.

But what sets the Marshal apart is how it feels to use. When you connect with a shot, it's a rush like no other. You feel as if the weapon was made for you. Moreover, no-scoping is incredibly accurate if you're daring, and the fire rate feels like a match made in heaven. At this price point, it's simply unbeatable. There's nothing else out there that can even come close.


2. Operator

image006 10

  • Cost – 4700 Creds

The Operator is a force to be reckoned with in the game, demanding players to think on their feet and strategize. Regarding defense rounds, a skilled Operator user can hold down the bomb site all on their own, making it a nightmare for attackers even to come close. It takes a lot of smoke and flashes to stand a chance against this anomaly. 

For a seasoned player who knows how to gather information or predict enemy movements, it’s possible to make the Operator work in the medium range. If you're looking for the perfect agents to pair with an Operator, Chamber, Jett, Sova, and Reyna are all excellent choices.


1. Judge

image007 6

  • Cost – 1850 Creds

The Judge is a top pick for those looking for a weapon that can instantly take down their enemies. Its 7-bullet magazine and fully automatic fire can delete anyone within its range. And while it may be situational, Valorant's unique design makes it even more effective in the hands of specific agents like Raze, Jett, and Neon. These agents can quickly close the distance against their enemies, making it easier to take them down with the Judge. 

In a game where there are multiple short corners and smokes, the Judge can be used to wait for enemies to get close silently. And during half-buy rounds, it's an excellent buy that can completely decimate any effort from the enemy, especially on a choke point. So, the Judge is worth considering if you're looking for a weapon that packs a serious punch. 

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The Most Broken Guns of Valorant in 2023
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